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Free Royalty Free Creative Commons Music

Hi, I'm Dan-O and I post my original music as free MP3 downloads here on You can listen to the songs online or download the tracks. It's also legal to use the music royalty free in your video, game, film, presentation, slideshow or website.

You have my permission to use the songs for personal or commercial use. I use a simple creative commons license that allows you to use the tracks legally. If you are adding the music in your project and you want to use it royalty free, these are the terms:

1. Free with credit to: Music by Dan-O at See the License FAQ for credit options.

2. Without credit donate at least $10 US per track or buy the package: Donating is an easy way to use one of my tracks by giving you more freedom when sharing your project. I accept paypal, credit card, check, money order and monthly donations. For options click here. The package offers the most publishing flexibility and access to 77+ mp3s on your hard drive. If you have questions see the License FAQ.

Please donate so I can spend more time making free music for you!

Free to use with credit. Without credit donate at least $10 US per mp3 track or buy the package. I accept paypal, credit card, check, money order and monthly donations. For options click here. See the License FAQ for credit options and more information.

To download MP3s here right click on the link, choose 'Save Target As...'

Trouble downloading? Read How to Download a File. Questions? License FAQ

Complete Instrumental Songs

Top Music for Film and Video Soundtracks

The Owl Named Orion.mp3 - Upbeat Electronica Pop
Magic Ghost.mp3 - Trance w Solid Steady Beat
The Living Physicist.mp3 - Piano Modern Rock
Sprite and the Wanderer.mp3 - Lite Acoustic Guitar & Piano Pop
Permafrost.mp3 - Easy Listening Pop Electronic
Junk Ship Gold.mp3 - Timberlake Inspired Dance
Dream Player.mp3 - Hard Colorful Rock w/ Strings
Rapid Arc.mp3 - Industrial Trip Hop
Vestige En Antigua.mp3 - Looped Subtle Orchestra
The Art of Gardens.mp3 - Acoustic Rock
Sun Spark.mp3 - Alternative Rock 
Love Letters.mp3 - Acoustic Pop Chords
Dublin Forever.mp3 - Breakbeat Drum n Bass
Book of the Monkey.mp3 - Reggae
Mars and Stars.mp3 - IDM Piano Relaxing Electronic Mix
Inverse Immersion.mp3 - Tribal House with Far Out Melody

Pop Rock Band with Guitar, Piano and Organ

The World at Large.mp3 - Pop Rock Buy Out Music
Canvas 9.mp3 - Melancholy Guitar-oriented
Spectrum of Elements.mp3 - Colorful Electric Guitar Effects
Undiscovered Creature.mp3 - Classic Rock Style
Resolution.mp3 - Acoustic Rock Background Music with Organ
Orb of Envisage.mp3 - Nirvana and Beatles Influence
The Lady of Vastness.mp3 - Pop Rock w Classical Strings
Picture of Clouds.mp3 - Rock Power Ballad
Black Box in the Ground.mp3 - Epic Rock Music Bed
Gently.mp3 - Acoustic Rock Ballad for Song Background
Gem Droids.mp3 - Electro Beat Power Pop
Today then Tomorrow.mp3 - Emo Style
Megacosm.mp3 - Fast and Heavy 150bpm!
Crazy from the Message.mp3 - Hard Rock Instrumental
The Wire.mp3 - Modern Rock with Organ
Wait for the Dawn.mp3 - Uplifting, Thoughtful
I'm Gonna Go.mp3 - Light, Driving 
Joker With Honey Lips.mp3 - Straight, Downtempo Americana
Flying While Weeping.mp3 - Upbeat Pop Rock
Deep In Blue.mp3 - Custom Rock Score w Break Downs

Acoustic Guitar

Alta Vibración.mp3 - Pop Rock Soft Background Music
Living the Daydream.mp3 - Upbeat Poppy Acoustic
Come Alive.mp3 - Minimal Subtle Piano with Acoustic Guitar
En la Brisa.mp3 - Spanish Classical Guitar Habanera Style
West in the Shadows - Acoustic Guitar Backing Track
Matiere Noire Vibrante - Fingerstyle with Synthesizer
Climb to Elara.mp3 - Acoustic Modern Rock
Imagine Magneta.mp3 - Upbeat Funky Back-beats
The Long Road Home.mp3 - Very Simple Acoustic Folk Traditional
Violet Shrine.mp3 - Classical Guitar w/ Beat
Shine Gold Light.mp3 - Inspirational Music
Everything Begins.mp3 - Fingerpicking Guitar

Country Music

Tour of the Flowers.mp3 - New Pop Country Style
Unclaimed Territory.mp3 - Nashville Country Western
Banana Moonshine.mp3 - Bluegrass Banjo & Fiddle
Blue Devil Plain.mp3 - Dobro, Slide and Mandolin

Jazz and Blues Background Music

Hudson River Station - Cool Jazz with Sax Solos
Boom Born Blues.mp3 - Electric Blues Band Backing Track
7Skies.mp3 - Jazz Sax, Acoustic Bass, Funky Bridge
Branches.mp3 - Light Latin Jazz with Nylon Guitar
Little Island.mp3 - Ambient Jazzy House

Orchestra and Strings

Kira Fled the District.mp3 - Russian Strings Techno Mix
Origo Vitae.mp3 - Mysterious and Intense
Ibrido Umano.mp3 - Strings for Film Score Under Dialog
Become the Heavens.mp3 - Cinematic Classical Symphony
HeLIUm HUes.mp3 - Modern Light Strings
Winter Empire.mp3 - Symphony w/ Piano and Beats
Uncaged Czarina.mp3 - Classical Hip Hop Beats

Meditation and Relaxation Music

Forgive Me Great Spirit.mp3 - Ambient with Rain Sounds
Harmonium Moon.mp3 - Sitar Tabla
I Love You Great Spirit.mp3 - Native American European Mix
I'm Sorry Great Spirit.mp3 - Celtic Flutes and Voice
Autumn Boy.mp3 - Ambient and Calm
The Experiment.mp3 - Soothing Instrumental Song
Unde Altus.mp3 - Classical Guitar in Space
Tidal Circuit.mp3 - Experimental Space Music
Silver Shine.mp3 - New Age Piano
Riding the Banshee.mp3 - World Pop 

Techno / Electronic

Something Strange.mp3 - UK Funky House
Deep Ocean.mp3 - Pop Electronic Chill
Starburst Dreams.mp3 - Swedish House Trance Music
Joy in Land Formation.mp3 - Ambient Dub Experimental
Bionic Robotics.mp3 - IDM Dubstep Industrial
Heart Quake.mp3 - Quirky Pulsing Pop Electronic
Inkarnation.mp3 - Future Electronica
Chimera Derivation 3.mp3 - Dubstep Dark Driving Score
Bit by Bits.mp3 - Cool Computer Voice Sample
Snapsphere.mp3 - Euro Pop Upbeat Techno Style
Rehab Sunglasses.mp3 - Crunk House Dance
The Streatham Hill Gods.mp3 - Intelligent Dance w PIano
Rocketry.mp3 - Downtempo Electronica Groove
City of Innocence.mp3 - Over-the-top Dubstep
Long Live Emperor Kalas.mp3 - Suspenseful Soundtrack
Copper Mountain.mp3 - Dark Ambient
Beautiful Straight Lines.mp3 - Electro Mix Download
In the Deal.mp3 - Acid Jazz Hip Hop
Cellular Faith.mp3 - Hard Rock Techno Funk

Hip Hop / R&B / Funk

Invisible Love.mp3 - Alicia Keys, Beyoncé or Rihanna Style
Casino Clocks.mp3 - Funky Pop Rock
Now is Now.mp3 - Hip Hop Dance Pop
Forgotten is Forgiven.mp3 - Dirty South Hip Hop
The Jump Bump.mp3 - Super Funky Upbeat and Fun

World / Ethnic/ Celtic

Coconut Water.mp3 - Carribean Island Calypso
On Air and Dew.mp3 - World Vocal Pop
Luz Solar Sutil.mp3 - Brazlian House
Allambee Divides the Timor Sea.mp3 - Didgeridoo
The Savoy Drift.mp3 - Upbeat Latin Piano w Timbales
Glowing Shanta Hearts.mp3 - Bollywood Hindi Instrumental
Begger's Isle.mp3 - Irish Celtic Traditional Folk
La Mezcla De Rojo.mp3 - Latin Dance
Three Drops.mp3 - Funky Reggae
Sacred Cobalt Candidum.mp3 - Greek Bouzouki w Beats
No Iron Rivers.mp3 - Jazz Reggae Fusion
Ambershire.mp3 - Asian with Traditional Chinese Instruments
Dublin Forever.mp3 - Rasta Vox Samples
Riding the Banshee.mp3 - Native Chants

Game Music

Realm of Zeltroz.mp3 - 8 bit Chiptunes Style
Ten Ton Matrix.mp3 - "Avant Garde" Sound Effects
Undiscovered Oceans.mp3 - For Video Game Production

Songs with Vocals

Casino Clocks.mp3 - Funky Pop Rock
Tour of the Flowers - New Country Love Song
The Time Isnt Right.mp3 - Energetic Indie Pop Rock
Picture of Clouds.mp3 - Rock Ballad
Deep Ocean.mp3 - Pop Electronic Chill
Undiscovered Creature.mp3 - Classic Rock Music for Videos
King Or An Alien.mp3 - Bouncy Progressive Rock Funk Fusion
Our Song.mp3 - Fun Uplifting Romantic Pop Rock
What You Think.mp3 - Reflective, Atmospheric and Psychedelic
Nuclear MakeUp.mp3 - Dramatic Singer-Songwriter Love Song
I Am You, You Are Me.mp3 - Unique Vocal Harmonies
Nightbirds.mp3 - Mysterious, Dark and Haunting Folk Techno

Top Acoustic Guitar Songs

Shine Gold Light.mp3 - Inspirational Music
Living the Daydream.mp3 - Upbeat Poppy Acoustic
Crowd in the Palace.mp3 - 1960s Hippy Style Folk
Love Letters.mp3 - Uplifting and Upbeat Acoustic Pop
Everything Begins.mp3 - Romantic Happy Vocal Ballad
Bounty Hunter.mp3 - Fun, Quirky TV Action Sci-Fi Theme
Its You.mp3 - Easy Listening Soft Acoustic
The World Will Break.mp3 - Mystical, Hypnotic and Peaceful
Everything Dies.mp3 - Dark, Melancholic and Thoughtful
Art of Gardens.mp3 - Contemplative Anti-war Song
The Long Road Home.mp3 - Acoustic Folk Traditional

Free Blues MP3 Tracks

Antarctic Moon Solo.mp3 - Eerie Southern Voodoo Story
Antarctic Moon Electric.mp3 - Jamming Out Live Electric Guitar

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Just for listening: Also on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and every other major music service. Search danosongs or your favorite song name.

These are my original pop, rock, acoustic and techno songs. I put my own music up as free MP3 music downloads that are legal, safe and virus-free to listen, burn, stream, podcast or use in your personal or commercial multimedia projects. You are allowed to use the music for your business.

You have my permission to use these tracks as music video sites, in photo galleries, as free background music on Websites, in student film projects, or whatever else you can think of. You can use the MP3s as a game soundtrack, to record vocals over as a song or to play them on your podcast as complete finished tracks. It's up to you - have fun!

The songs are available under the creative commons license which means you can use them for free if you link back to my site. If you just want to download and listen, that's great and you don't need to link back. You do not have to regisiter in order to download the music.

I am also an actor (visit and I do voice overs in my studio (listen to samples). Contact me for casting and voice work.

Click for images to share or as an option to credit me...

"There’s nothing more frustrating then working hard on a video only to have YouTube take it down because of a music copyright violation. Luckily there are some great sources online where you can find the perfect music for your video project...Dan-O offers his original songs to use." - 10 Royalty Free Music Sites Every Online Video Creator Should Know -

Ways You Can Use My Free Music Royalty Free

If you are looking for a free original music source online, then you can download my MP3 collections and use them royalty free as instrumental background music. I just ask that you link back to the site as described in the license above. I have put together a list of cool ways you can include music from this library. You may need to purchase software for some of these but you can usually get an inexpensive or free open source program.

Video: Free mp3 background music for videos that you make with Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Vegas, Premiere, Camtasia, or Cam Studio. Check my blog for great examples of using the music for video production and montage.

Films Scores: Use as an alternative to production music for your documentary, animation, action, dramatic, art film or part of the score for any genre. Allot of film students also use my tracks with vocals as a nice compliment to school projects with no dialog. Some of my light instrumental stock can be used to provide an ambient audio soundtrack.

Podcasts: Put them on your play list as complete podsafe tracks. Good to use as intro, outro or background sounds in news, corporate or education podcasting.

Songs: If you are an artist or singer you can use as the instrumentals as a background music track on a demo or album. There are plenty of tracks with acoustic guitar, electric guitar and piano that could be used for pop, love ballads or other types of songs.

Backing Tracks: Free to download and use as MP3 backing tracks for playing along with guitar solos, vocals or other instruments. People also use the songs as rap background music. Many of the rock tracks are in basic easy keys and have a full band with drums.

Listen to the Songs for Free: Download the MP3s and import them into your iPod, Zune, PSP, Xbox, Windows Media Player on your computer or use for CD burning. You can also share the files as torrents on P2P networks. All these songs are already on the mininova peer to peer BitTorrent search engine. Completely safe as music for studying or partying since this is legal music for college students to download.

Exercising: Try listening to the upbeat techno dance clips for workout, sports, spinning, running and jogging or acoustic sounds for unwinding with meditation or yoga.

Free Presentation Music : Great to add to PowerPoint ppt files, Flash, Open Office Impress or Apple Keynote files.

Commercials: Use as free commerical music on TV advertising, radio, jingles, background music or edit for music beds. Check out my free corporate music collection for complete information.

Apple Players: Import the MP3 files into iTunes and sync up with iPhone or iPod Touch, Nano or Shuffle.

Relaxation and Meditation: Use the tracks as meditation stock music for DVDs and videos you sell for hypnosis, or guided relaxation.

Broadcasting: You can play the music for listeners on satellite, AM, FM and online radio playlists or in retail stores, restaurants and elevators as complete tracks or clips for any purpose.

Free On Hold Music and Ringtones: Make them into cell ringtones or use for your phone system as free on hold music. I already have many of these on MyxerTones as free ring tones.

Free Background Music for Websites and Blogs: Embed the songs in html in the page background or in a slide show. Can also be added as music for Blogger.

Remix: If you are a DJ or like to mix loops then you can add sound effects, samples and beats to the songs or make mixtapes.

Social Profiles and Applications:
Include in your Facebook or MySpace page or use in any social multimedia widgets and application you are developing for the Web. 

Education: Music for the classroom, training, conferences and other educational purposes. Plus, if you want someone to lecture on songwriting, music technology or the online music business I may be available. I also teach guitar since that is my primary instrument. For my educational background check me out on LinkedIn or contact me.

Free Slideshow Music: Use in slide-shows of your kids, family, friends for events like a wedding, graduation or birthday. For weddings check out my free love mp3 collection. Or if you are an artist or author the MP3s can be used to compliment a trailer for your work. Use for your business media created in Polaroid My Memories, ProShow, PhotoStory, Media Show, SlideShow Builder, inAlbum or Slideshow pro.

Games: Use in flash, desktop, console, javascript or another video game design program as background music.

Commercial synchronization is acceptable too and record labels are welcome to release the songs on CD compilations - be sure to read my license FAQ. If you need professional contracts and production quality sound files then you can contact me. You can also follow me on Twitter or Facebook and I send out my best high quality clips as MP3 files at no cost every week before I add them to the catalog here.

"Finding danosongs was like discovering a new type of pygmy monkey that shares its food in the forest outside a city run by gangs of gorillas in fancy restaurants."

- Atticus de Frangipani
Poet, Painter & Photographer
Isle of Man

Creative Commons Song Lyrics and Chords You Can Use

Check out my creative commons lyrics blog and PDF lyrics download.

32 Pop, Rock and Love Song Lyrics PDF

Here are 32 lyrics with chords that you can use to write songs with, use in school projects, change as you want for poetry, or do whatever else you want with. You can use them as is or any lines you like. I get asked allot to write lyrics and I just don't have the time so I thought of doing this. Many have songs that go with them that you can download below. Many do not have music yet. Either way you are free to use them as long as you list "Dan-O at" as the co-writer in any printed versions, videos or Websites where you use them. Stay in touch, I'd love to hear to hear anything you do with the lyrics!

More Details About Using the Music Royalty Free

This is a stock music production library under Creative Commons licensing for the general public. You can license the tunes royalty free if you provide a link back or credit to "Free Music by". People also do leave donations. You may download, copy and listen to the tracks without a link. There is no cost for downloading or buyout fee for creative commons licensing of these MP3s. Check out the creative commons license page for details. The files are compatible with iPod, Zune, Windows Media Player any other player. They can also be used in everyday life for PowerPoint, photo album slide shows and presentations for business, education and kids projects.

The songs can be included in podcasting so they are podsafe. Other uses for the clips might be for background instrumental beds in film, tv, video, games, websites, songs and even your social network page. For instance on your myspace or facebook profile. The files are Mac or PC compatible. In addition to downloading you can stream samples from the CD. If you just want a copy of the actual CD release with 15 of these songs sent to you, then you can order the album "Guitar, Lyrics and Cut-ups".

Let me know if you need custom made music for a project. Depending on the use, my available time and the style of music, I may be able to come up with something customized for you. The cost can be anywhere from free for creative commons licensing to a negotiable fee for a work-for-hire license where you buy the complete copyright to the song. I can also do some video editing and customizing of the existing tracks for ringtones, advertising, commercials and on hold music if you need that. I work with photographers, producers, college students, educators, non profits, artists and other musicians from all over the world and I'm open to ideas. I am in the New York City area if you want to meet in person to discuss a project.

What is the Style of My Music Like?

People ask me "What kind of music do you do?" all the time. That's hard to say because I have a very diverse influence. Overall people say my songs remind them most of David Bowie.

In particular my alternative rock songs sound like the bands I have been influenced by like Led Zepplin, Coldplay, The Fray, U2, Iron and Wine, The Rolling Stones and Radiohead.

The more indie rock songs have been compared to Kings of Leon, Elliot Smith and Ben Folds. My acoustic songs are music like Jack Johnson, James Blunt, Dave Matthews, Jason Mraz, Ben Harper and Jeff Buckley.

My loop-based electronic tracks have a sound like Moby, Massive Attack and Frou Frou since they are my favorite artists in that genre. Some people have said my instrumental tracks sound like The Beatles and Oasis.

As a singer I am have been most influenced by Teddy Thompson, Damien Rice and Nat King Cole. As a songwriter my ideals lay in the simplistic rock of Tom Petty and Neil Young. As a lyricist I tend to be a bit intellectual and esoteric like Sting, Seal and Bono.

As an artist in general I love the diverse pop art mentality of David Bowie and David Byrne - both artists, musicians and actors which is awesome. After you listen to my music and you have an opinion about what the songs sound like, please let me know. I would really appreciate it so I can list any additional artists and bands here.

"Finding free Creative Commons audio is pretty simple....with sites like" - 4 Ways to Find Legal Music for Your YouTube Videos,

How I Write New Songs

I get asked allot about how I write songs and the tracks on the site:

1. First I decide what style of song I am going to write. Usually it will be solo acoustic, but I also use various loop-based software to create electronica tracks. If I write on acoustic I also keep in mind that I will be playing the tune with a band in a rock setting at open mics sometimes.

2. Then I decide on the theme of a song, for instance if I am going to write a love song, Christmas carol or something about America. Sometimes I am inspired by a new album and I want to write in the style of a band like U2, the Beatles or Coldplay.

3. After that I write the lyrics. I have a system to find the best ideas and words that rhyme easily and naturally. These words need to have imagery that brings out the meaning of the theme in a very colorful way. I usually pick the title at this point.

4. Next I find some chords that fit with the style of the theme. I am kind of scientific about how I choose them, I don't just make them up off the top of my head. If I'm writing electronic music I don't write chords, I just create the tracks with whatever awesome loops I can find. I usually use a free online music maker to create techno music.

In either case I always, always stick to the one song structure that I find works best.  At this point if I am really experimenting with loops, I may feel like digging out some world music samples and try out hindi instruments like tabla and sitar.

5. Only after all that do I try to sing the melody. I have a technique for just listening to the chords and music and coming up with something that is effortless for me. Then I decide if I like what I have created and if it could be a top radio song and if it has some kind of pop appeal. If I don't really feel like it is great then I spend a little time trying to fix it. To be honest though, it is usually easier for me to forget about a bad song, and move on to the next.

What is most important is that if I think the tune could stand the test of time as a traditional folk song, even if I do rock, pop and techno versions - the song has to have a hook. There is more about what I'm after in my article on hybrid songs.

6. Then I practice the song until I get the strumming and vocals down for every beat and phrase of the tune. Finally I take the tune and record it somehow. Could be solo, or with a band, or with a friend. After a while I gather up the songs I have and make an album out of it. I don't set out to make an album, it just happens over time.

This might seem like a complicated way to make a song, and even backwards to some people. However, in the end I wind up with simple songs that people say they love and they last as fun tunes that I play for years and years. I have taken tons of music lessons, attended songwriting workshops and I have a college education in music, but I never learned this process from a book or classes.

Providing the Songs as Free MP3 Downloads

After I write and record a songs I upload it to my Website and offer it for free. Of course, I still own the copyright to the music but I give everyone permission to copy, distribute and alter the songs for anything they want to use it for. This is not public domain music, you can check out this list of copyright free music for songs that no longer have copyrights. Many people think that providing MP3s for nothing is not a good idea. However, the huge amount of traffic I get at this site shows that offering a free license is the best easy promotion I could possibly ask for!

I choose the Creative Commons Licenses attribution license which requires that you put a link or credit for That sure gets the word out. You can also use other open licenses like GPL, GFDL, EFF Open Audio License, the Free Art license or the LinuxTag's Open Music License. My music Its allot like providing open source software, where you make money on services other than selling the code itself.

The other advantage to offering my tracks for free is instant easy collaboration, which is just plain fun. For instance I get emails all the time from people who use my instrumental tracks as background music for a new song. So now there is a whole piece of music in the world, that I played a part in, and yet took absolutely no effort on my part. This also goes for the many super cool video projects that people put my songs in. Some are for charity, documentaries, schools and projects for children and I am very happy to be involved!

Licensing My Songs Royalty Free

I know that it can be very expensive to license music bed clips for videos, film, television and other productions. Plus, there is an increasing use of music in podcasting, videos and Flash which is a whole new market for song use. Lots of regular folks need free background music for home movies and photography montages on windows movie maker too. That's why I set up my MP3s as a royalty-free production stock music library as an alternative to licensing tracks from a music publisher. At the same time I also offer most of these songs through a publishing agency called Music Dealers for music professionals who need formal contracts.

Usually you pay once up front for royalty-free music and when you have an arrangement like this with the copyright holder of the music, it is known as paying for a license. When you license the music this way it is a big advantage not to have to pay a royalty for every use of the song. For example, no matter how many times a film or television show is viewed, no additional payment is due to the owner of the music, unless you are required to pay performing rights organization licenses. Also if you are wondering, this is an international music library so you have no restrictions anywhere in the world when you download free MP3 songs from my site.

I don't put any limit on the amount of sync uses of the music as long as you link to my site. For example some companies limit the number of views of video trailers or hits on Websites which contain the track. Most royalty free licenses also typically offer free sound recording duplication rights, but not free broadcasting rights. The creative commons license waives my right to collect PRO (Performing Rights Organization) royalties. If you are using my music in a situation that requires reporting to ASCAP or BMI, then you will not need to add my tracks to the paperwork. You can air my tunes on radio or podcasts as many times as you want.