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New Book Trailer Uses My Royalty Free Piano Instrumental

Trailer for the new book Em Um Lugar Melhor (In a Better Place) uses my royalty free track Beautiful Messenger – Piano Instrumental Mix

New PRICE SPY App Using Acoustic Instrumental Version of My Royalty Free Song “Love Letters”

Just got word from PRICE SPY that they are using the acoustic guitar instrumental version of my royalty free song “Love Letters”.

Royalty Free Acoustic Guitar Song – Vocal and Instrumental – Eyes of Time

Hi, here is a new royalty free acoustic guitar song called “Eyes of Time”. There are vocal and instrumental versions you can download below and try in your project.

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your project.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or buy the package and you can use this song too.

Eyes of Time Vocal Mp3

Eyes of Time Instrumental Mp3

Don’t see the “Save as” option? No problem, just contact me and I will email you an mp3 file.

YouTube Creator Trends, News and Videos


I have always been inspired to create something and that’s all I really understand in life. I know that YouTube video creators can relate to that! Here are my latest YouTube creator trends, news and video updates for the week.

The best thing I ever did as a musician is stop asking people what they think and just put it out there. The Wisecrack team seems to think the same thing, just do the best with what you have available to make videos with a great story:

Some things can only be said with music. That is especially true when placing music in a film to express emotion:

More interesting news…

Is Facebook going to overtake YouTube for video sharing!?… looks like it may: Read More >>

Minecraft Stars on YouTube Share Secrets to Their Celebrity

In First Decade, YouTube Redefined Celebrity

Where can I find Legal Copyright Free Music for Youtube?

How to Legally Use Music in Your Films and Videos Read More >>

Studentfilms.com now has a section just for royalty free music… studentfilms.com/music/

The World Will Break by Dan O’Connor – Lyrics

The World Will Break

Spotfy: Listen

iTunes: Download

Could love drive you to fly?
Could hope be the only way?
And would it be a crazy question…
Would you take it all and throw it all away?

Take me down to the final decision
And the world will break apart today

Could freedom be between the lines?
And joy a live foundation springing up to find…
That every thought will lead to nothing…
No matter how hard you try to define

Take me down to the final decision
And the world will break apart today

I open my arms to the end of time
I got one hand on a mummy
And the other on a green tree orange eye gecko
I got one foot on a street in the village
And the other in a mine under Colorado sunshine

Could you stand in the way of progress?
Could you laugh it off and say?…
I’ll let it all fall down and let the rhymes come
I’d waste away and let the roots grow around some

Take me down to the final decision
And the world will break apart today

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