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Royalty Free Background Music | Piano, Reggae and Cinematic | Particles of Salenia


Hi, I have a new track called “Particles of Salenia” that I made three versions of royalty free background music for.

One is a dramatic cinematic style using synth strings. Another is an upbeat good feeling reggae version. I also created a piano version with some percussion beats.

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your project.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or buy the package and you can use these too.

Particles of Salenia – Piano

Particles of Salenia – Reggae

Particles of Salenia – Cinematic

If you have any trouble downloading just contact me and I will email you the file. If you previously bought the package you can use these tracks as free updates to it.

“Life is a wave, which in no two consecutive moments of its existence is composed of the same particles.” — John Tyndall

New Documentary Video Using Music from my Royalty Free Music Package

Amazing new documentary about rebuilding after Typhoon Haiyan by @BuildChangeNews uses my #royaltyfreemusic Living the Daydream and others from my package.

Wildlife Video Using My Royalty Free Music

Beautiful wildlife video of Rye Snowy Owl by @Loonphotog using my #royaltyfreemusic “Silvershine”

Rye Snowy 12-16-2015 from Loonphotog on Vimeo.

Corporate Video Production “How To” Starter Tips


As a composer I am involved in many corporate video productions. I found a couple of very nice videos explaining the process of putting one together.

If you are just starting out with making a video for your business here is a summary to get you started:

Determine your priorities and goals based on what you customers need and how the effect you want it to have on them.

Decide on the type of corporate video you want to produce: Sales, trust, awareness, desire or credibility.

When choosing the a corporate video production company be sure to network with colleagues and friends for recommendations.

Also check out your competitors videos, see which ones you like and find out who produced them. If all else fails use very specific Google searches that target your exact needs in a production company.

Once you find candidates be sure to look for testimonials, details and demos of previous projects to see the quality of their work.

Chat with at least a few potential companies and see who “gets” what you want to accomplish. Wait to talk price as a last step.

photo: flickr.com/photos/josephmorris

New Book Trailer Video Using my Royalty Free Song “Picture of Clouds”

New book trailer video for “Who Broke The Girl?” uses my royalty free music “Picture of Clouds”. Great story about finding happiness…

Education Video Using my Royalty Free Music

Adult students achieving their dreams. New education video from the Carlos Rosario School uses my royalty free music “I’m Gonna Go”…

Royalty Free Jazz, Piano and Techno Instrumental Music Downloads


Hi, I have a new song called “Remember the Stars” and I created 5 new royalty free instrumental music versions you can download and try in your next project.

There is standard jazz, dramatic piano, bossa nova, upbeat techno and jazz with trumpet.

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your project.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or if you buy the package you can use these too.

Remember the Stars – Jazz

Remember the Stars – Piano

Remember the Stars – Bossa Nova

Remember the Stars – Techno

Remember the Stars – Jazz Trumpet

If you have any trouble downloading the music just contact me and I can send you the files.

Do you remember the stars?

Intro Music | 6 Mp3 Downloads | Every Possible Life

Intro Music

Hi, here are 6 intro music mp3 downloads. These are different mixes of a short piece called “Every Possible Life”

These could be good for talk and news shows, YouTube videos, movie soundtracks, websites, etc.

At about one minute in length these seem best as intros but could be used for anything.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! Audrey Hepburn 

See the FAQ for how to license these tracks:

Every Possible Life – Latin Big Band Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – Classical Piano Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – Hard Rock Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – R&B Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – Jazz Pop Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – Acoustic Rock Mix.mp3

Thank you for listening and for using my music.

I hope you are doing well : )

Which Classical Music is Royalty Free?

Which Classical Music is Royalty Free

People often want to know which classical music is royalty free because the composer has long since deceased and the copyright term has passed.

However, just because a classical composition is in the public domain does not mean the recording is royalty free. That is because the actual sound recording is protected by copyright.

So you need to do the same research and take the same licensing steps you would for any other style of music.

Its even more important to properly license classical music and have proof of your rights. That is because YouTube often mis-identifies royalty free classical recordings as other recordings of the same piece by publishers looking to make ad revenue.

One safe bet when deciding which royalty free classical music to use is Musopen.org. This is a non-profit site which publishes classical music with no copyright restrictions. Here is a video of one of their recordings.

Photo: flickr.com/photos/franganillo

Where to Download Royalty-free Music for Commercial Use


If I don’t have a particularly type of music that some one is looking for I often get asked about where to download royalty free music for commercial use.

The best site I always recommend is Incompetech because there is a huge selection and they offer a free with credit option.

The following videos also suggest dig.ccmixter.org and Josh Woodward among others.

Before you download royalty free music from any site be sure to check their terms for commercial use since there can be restrictions.

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