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5 TV Theme Medleys You Can’t Miss


Just the simple act of hearing the opening music to a particular TV show can take you back-to watching it over dinner with your family, marathoning it with a drinking game with your college roommate, or curling up on a Sunday evening to relax with a glass of wine.

With good reason: from The Rembrandts crooning about how they’ll be there for you to Frasier singing about scrambled eggs, the TV show theme usually dictates the general feel of the whole program, giving you the gist, whether it’s a deadly serious costume drama or a rollicking, sour-hearted sitcom.

Some TV themes have gone on to be hugely popular and iconic in their own right- from The Wonder Years to The Big Bang Theory, they’ve become intrinsically linked to the time, place and feeling of the show. Like any other big musical phenomena, they’ve been prime fodder for the remixing masses of the internet to get their hands on, play with, and generally mash together in a rather pleasing way, as you’ll soon see…


FreddeGredde is a Swedish musician who does more mash-ups than one could comfortably shake a stick at, and here he sticks no less than twenty-four theme songs together with nothing more than a guitar and a piano (and a few bonus instruments) in under seven minutes. His saccharine-sweet renditions are adorably accurate, mashing up oldies-but-goodies like Charles in Charge and Fresh Prince with modern superhits like How I Met Your Mother and Friends. His blinding talent and hypnotic smile bring the six minutes and forty-four seconds to the level of acoustic excellence.

This time FreddgeGredde is sticking scores of cartoon theme tunes into another guitar-driven video that got even my stricken, ill roommate peering over the sofa to sing along. It’s another very enthusiactic, extremely good-natured and wildly fun—a particular nod to the mind-bending way he’s harmonising with himself on-screen wearing amusing disguises. It’s another fun take on the theme by a sickeningly talented young man with a penchant for TV shows vastly before his time-including a few very catchy Swedish numbers.

Carrisa Rae and Micheal Alvarado

These two singer-songwriters, Carrisa Rae and Micheal Alvarado, decided to mix up their talents and form the duo Us, who have released their first album and also whacked out a few modestly successful Youtube collabs in the process, such as this very one. In this video, they show off some real vocal acrobatics with their mash-up of older sitcom themes, with some neat beatboxing thrown in for good measure. It’s sweet, fun, and they look like they’re having a ball-even if it does verge on the tooth-achingly adorable by the end.


Roomie is made up of super-sweet Swede Joel Berghult, here joined by a bunch of other musicians in order to appropriately mash together Ducktales, Friends, and Pokemon. What stands about particularly about this video is, for one, the effort gone into making an actual video as opposed to having the performers plonked in front of the camera like musical bricks, but also that they’ve added something gratifyingly new to each song-in particular, their toe-tapping cover of I’ll Be There For You is a real cracker-as opposed to just cramming the songs into a few minutes and going “HEY LOOK AT WHAT I DID!”. That, and he’s got almost inappropriately good hair.

Terry He

Terry He, a nineteen-year-old Youtube electro-music prodigy, is joined here by a bunch of other artists to get stuck into some (notably anime heavy) themes of the nineties. From seminal anime classic like Pokemon and Sailor Moon to Arthur and the giant genre-defining classic Bill Nye the Science Guy. It’s another one that’s a lot of fun, with the video being thrown together by what they had kicking around at the time and none the worse for it. It doesn’t have the flow of some of the others, but it does have the applicable sense of silliness for the occasion.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of Youtube TV mashups- from 60s specials to CBS spectaculars on offer, there’s everything you could want. So, what do you think of these genre-bending TV show mashups? Should the artists have left well alone? Or do the songs complement each other placed in one mashup? Well, even if you’ve not found your nostalgic nirvana here, let us know in the comments what your dream mashup is…

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