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50 Cent Covers by Girls on Guitar


As one of the most controversial and galvanizing rap artists of the new century, Curtis Jackson is a man of stark contrasts. He is a millionaire with a lavish lifestyle who constantly brags about his personal fortune after renaming himself 50 Cent, and he is a self-styled but serious business man and entrepreneur who started out as a drug dealer at the tender age of 12. He is a huge proponent of fashion culture and has paved the way of that hardcore “gantsa” look and attitude with his cold stares and ice cold jewelry. You’ll catch him wearing his infamous durag along with these best gold chains for men you’ve ever seen in hip hop jewelry. And although he may have chosen his unusual moniker as a metaphor for “change” in his troubled life, he has given small denomination currency a new value with his flamboyant music and his inflammatory prose.

But in spite of his questionable language, mainstream success hasn’t eluded him, and his bleeped-out videos are featured in every music channel all over the world, leaving many people wondering what happens when the sound dies off and Mr. Jackson’s mouth is still moving. And although it is uncommon for hip-hop songs to be covered by artists from other genres (usually it’s hip-hop the style that borrows heavily from other sources), 50 Cent has had its share of famous renditions of his work performed in the most unusual settings.

There’s the viral video of a singer with relatively poor dental hygiene smiling widely during his extravagant banjo-driven version of ‘In Da Club’. There’s Jackson’s British alter-ego 50 Pence turning his tunes into drinking songs with titles like ‘In Da Pub’ and ‘P.I.N.T.’, and there’s even steel-drum reggae-infected versions of “Fiddy’s” catalog. And there’s obviously the WTF heavyweight titlist in the 50 Cent Covers Championship: the bizarre and hilarious rendition of ‘Candy Shop’ by the nameless wedding band and its theatrical singer scandalizing guests and hosts alike in the final scene of ‘The Hangover’.

But there is always a way to take the hip-hop cover challenge up another notch. And this time, the proverbial hat has been picked up by a group of teenagers with decent guitar skills, who found themselves simply unable to resist the temptation of youtube-ing their folksy renditions of some of 50 Cent’s most iconic songs.

Isabelle Alexandra – “Baltimore Love Song”

First up is Isabelle Alexandra with crude but charming skills on her Spanish guitar and the ability to make the slur-laced rants of “Baltimore Love Song” sound innocent. Her YouTube channel also includes renditions of works by artists such as Notorious B.I.G., Ashanti, Cam’ron and other rappers. She has a beautiful voice and laid-back style.

Liv Miraldi – “In Da Club”

Another sample of girl-next-door-gone-gangsta comes to us from Liv Miraldi. Her strumming is controlled and well-timed, and so is her falsetto. The brevity of the rendition (just a few lines and the infamous chorus) and her refusal to commit with the entirety of the composition are a bit of a disappointment, but the overall result is still quite pleasant. The tons of great material available in her YouTube channel and her ongoing songwriting studies at Belmont University reveal a great potential here.

Jenny Ondreyka – “Wanksta”

Next up is Jenny Ondreyka, who puts herself in a pickle by picking the toughest song to cover in this whole pack as she takes on “Wanksta”. A pleasantly surprising elaborate guitar intro and an awesome instrumental arrangement (using her instrument for harmonic, melodic and rhythmic accompaniment) set the bar high. A quick look at her YouTube channel reveals a handful of true gems. She performs with her Ann Arbour, MI based band, Headless Cabbage, an all-girl outfit with a penchant for unusual guitar tunings and very imaginative arrangements. When singing with her band, Jenny’s voice soars in beauty and power, revealing a truly gifted singer waiting for a better chance.

DJ Chennette – “21 Questions”

But the true gem of the pack, however, comes to us from DJ Chennette. The number of “likes” in her post is a good omen, and only a few seconds after clicking on the Play button you will see why. Her harmonic choices are plain enough to keep the attention centered on the lyrics and the vocals. The bluesy, Joni Mitchell-esque quality of her voice and her solid guitar work make her the only lady of this group that manages to make her performance sound like a self-penned tune.

As disturbing as it may be if it ever becomes a trend, these folksy renditions of 50 Cent are apparently here to stay. The profusion of Fiddy covers in every setting and every style imaginable (yes, there’s even a polka version of one of his songs, in case you asked) threaten to flood the YouTube-sphere with the most bizarre sights and sounds this side of Liberace. The final verdict is up to you. Which foul-mouthed, Heidi-looking, guitar-strumming girl will capture your imagination the most?

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