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6 Unbelievable Beatles Covers by Kids


It is really incredible how talented some kids are. One of the tried and true methods of showing off your musical skills is doing cover tune videos on YouTube. Lots of people love the Beatles and there is no better way to get discovered than performing one of their timeless songs!

Emily and Fiona

This is Emily and Fiona and they are sisters. They have been posting their videos since 2009 and now they have had over 17,000,000 views and 30,000 subscribers. The kids have over 60 videos on their channel. In this version of “Help” they are right on pitch, have a great vocal tone, and their harmonies are excellent.

Children Medieval Band

In only a couple of years the Children Medieval Band have almost 6 million videos views combined. They started out for fun and then their Dad urged them to get together and practice regularly. They got excited about YouTube after posting some medieval classical music and getting subscribers. After that initial popularity the kids decided to try out some rock songs. One of their favorite groups is the Beatles. The children really keep the beat well and can rock out “There’s a Place” which is a complex song.

Beatles Guitar Kid

Stunning guitar tapping instrumental version of “Come Together”. Who is this kid and why does this video not have more views? This really is unbelievable. No description, no name, nothing. Well wherever and whoever he is, this little guy has a future in playing the guitar. Hopefully we will see more videos from him.

Josie Nelson

Josie is 13 and also writes her own songs. Her version of “Blackbird” has a poignant vocal and very tasteful guitar playing. She has been posting her videos since 2009 and has a CD with great reviews on iTunes. Josie performs live allot and has even been interviewed on her local TV station.

Castillo Kids

The Castillo Kids videos have actually been shown on Oprah, Rachel Ray and the CBS The Early Show. They are multi-talented and multi-lingual. They play everything from Guitar to Saxophone and can sing in Arabic, Japanese and even Hindi (and much more). They are a professional act that you can hire if you go to the Gig Salad entertainment booking site. In concert they actually get all dressed up like a mariachi band. The enthusiastic backing harmonies are great in this version of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”.

Barbershopette Quartet

The Barbershopette Quartet got together as high school freshman in order to do some Christmas caroling. When they realized they had something they started doing videos and performing locally. They even do their own vocal arrangements. This version of “Because” is really beautiful. The harmonies are crisp and give you a haunting feeling.

YouTube is still the place to share your talents at any age. It’s clear that allot of these kids have gained a world-wide audience from their videos. When views turns into CD sales and getting hired for gigs that becomes inspiration for millions of more hopefuls. So what do you think and which video is your favorite?

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