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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

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Top 3 Free Online Sound Effect Download Libraries

If you are a film enthusiast and enjoy shooting, editing, and splicing films or videos you are probably always on the lookout for good free sounds. There are lots of good sound effect websites that you can visit to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here are the top 3 free online sound effect download libraries with Mp3s and wavs including some of their most notable qualities. Start at the top and work your way down to find the sound that you’re looking for.

Freesound.org. This is a massive database of sound effects and there are new ones uploaded daily. The majority of the sounds are created by users so they are organic and original, unlike those out of a sound stock collection. Look for public domain licensing so that you can use it for any project and note that attribution and non-commercial licenses restrict what you can use the sound for. They also have one of the largest collections of room tones or ambient noise tracks that you can use to fill in the audio of a scene or contribute to the ambience of a location.

Soundbible.com. Here’s another that is on par with Free Sound. However, to make things extra easy for you they’ve separated their sounds into more categories so they’re easier to search. There’s even a royalty free sound category so that you can be sure to avoid sounds outside of that category if you’re going to monetize your project.

Sweetsoundeffects.com. These high quality sounds are available for download in packs. Simply put in your email address and you’ll be able to download the packs that you want. Plus, there’s a whole section for sounds from movies so that you can download lightsaber effects, for example. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can submit a request for a sound and you may see it available for download in the future.

Still searching for the perfect sounds? You can also check out soundjay.com, soungle.com, jojikiba.com, and soundeffectsfactory.com!

New Public Domain Record Label

Give Life Back to MusicGive Life Back to Music is a new public domain record label. They package up copyright-free music by independent musicians.

So this is a great option for royalty free music if you can’t find something you like on my website. You don’t even need to credit the artists but of course that is appreciated.

There are a lot of creative commons record labels but Give Life Back to Music is very unique. With public domain music the artist gives up all rights to the work.

This is a great way for independent musicians to get exposure if they have no marketing budget. Give Life Back to Music will even create album art for you.


Bring Some Tunes to the TV

Most people watch TV because they want to enjoy a visual and audio experience. However, today, with services like DirecTV, you can transform your television into a radio for an incredible audio experience you would typically get from your stereo. This allows you to use your television for multiple purposes so you don’t have to keep an extra piece of audio equipment in your living room or other entertainment area of your home. Bringing a full range of entertainment to your pay television is a great way to make the most of your entertainment dollars. If you don’t have DirecTV service quite yet, take a look at www.SaveonTVDirect.com to for access to special offers for first time subscriptions.

Music Channels

Many pay television services, including DirecTV, offer a series of audio music channels to allow customers to enjoy their favorite kind of music whenever they desire, right through their television set. These channels are often divided into specific genres so listeners can choose exactly which type of music they want to listen to at a given moment. While they aren’t able to choose a specific song, they gain some level of control over which music they hear. These channels are often divided into music style, decade and type, allowing listeners to truly customize their listening experience.

Live Concerts

Going to a concert can be a thrilling experience, well worth the cost. However, not everyone has the time or money to attend concerts in person. Others simply don’t enjoy the experience. Pay television services may also offer live concerts right on your own TV so you can watch from the comforts of your own home. DirecTV, for instance, offers The 101, a channel that hosts a long list of concert events each month. Subscribers can browse the listings and find the music they would like to enjoy and then watch the concert live from their own couch at home. This eliminates the crowded, loud arenas and allows individuals to experience the live concert experiences they desire.

Media Share

Many music lovers already have a large collection of music they enjoy listening to. With the use of a TV subscription box like those offered by DirecTV and other providers, music lovers can now share their love of music right through their TVs. Instead of trying to share music through an MP3 player or a computer screen, users can plug their device directly into the television and play their music where everyone can hear it. This is a great option for parties and other special occasions, as well as to simply relax for the evening.

Music is a great way to relax and enjoy entertainment. In the past, individuals were limited to their radios or small mobile devices as a way to listen to music. Today, television subscription services are finding new ways to share music and allow music lovers to find the music experiences they would enjoy, right through their televisions. TVs are no longer restricted to watching television shows and movies. They are becoming a true multimedia experience that allows people to reduce the number of electronics they need to keep around the home. With these special features, television subscribers can enjoy the music they love, right at their fingertips through their TV remotes.

Top 10 Video Production Companies in Los Angeles

I took some time to outline production companies in LA doing commercial work. The top ten picks are based on reel quality, a listing of comprehensive services, stated experience, notable clients and an overall positive impression of their website. If you are looking for a video production company in Los Angeles this is a solid list you can start with.

Seven Pictures
Seven Pictures has been in business for over 20 years. Their main focus is bringing a cinematic hollywood style to commercial video. They deliver extremely high quality videos for the Internet and TV. seven-pictures
Provides promotional, training, live event and commercial video production for corporations. They also have a focus on creating videos specifically for the Internet. notowitz
MRB Productions
MRB places great deal of importance on storytelling in their commercial productions. This is probably due to their impressive feature film experience. mrb
Westside Media Group
Specializes in post production and duplication. Serves all levels of clients from students to major corporate networks. Mainly uses AVID and Final Cut Pro. westside
Cresta Group
Concentrates on video production as a component of marketing strategy. Also provides services like website design and advertising. Their overall marketing communications approach is unique. cresta
Highline Studios
Results-oriented productions created as part of an overall branding, identity and social media strategy. In LA and New York. highline
Advanced Web TV
Produces HD web videos with an eye on increasing sales on your website. Also creates TV commercials for clients world-wide. Comprehensive services from scripting to editing and publishing. advancedweb
The Cavalry Productions
Creates all types of digital content, including videos. Focus is on telling a story using new media and PR. cavalry
Corp Shorts
Nationwide with a crew in LA. Complete solution for online video marketing. Focuses on YouTube and other video sharing platforms. corpshorts
Advanced Media
Helps clients get more traffic to their website by producing videos and using social media. Also a specialist in media restoration and preservation. advanced

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Go a t www.chelmsfordlocksmiths.com for more info.

Electronic Music In New York

So you want to check out electronic music in New York City? Well there is plenty going on including festivals, events and of course clubs! If you are a fan, DJ or producer that is living in or visiting New York—then have a look at what’s happening here.

Electric Zoo Festival

The Electric Zoo is a 2-3 day outdoor summer electronic music festival in New York City—known for it’s after parties! You can buy a full 3 day pass or for individual days. They also have “VIP” and the best coolers for everyone, which have one of the most amazing traveling packages. The main stage features top acts like David Guetta, Tiesto and Skrillex. Check out the killer trailer:

Cielo Club

Cielo is *the* electronic music club in the Meat Packing District of NYC. It is upscale but not elitist like some “guest list only” clubs. It has a really high end sound system and a 70s look. Started by Ibiza DJ Nicolas Matar—Cielo has risen to number 22 in DJ Magazine’s “Top 100 Clubs of the World”. The club is open Monday-Saturday (but not Tuesday) from 10pm-4am. There are some clips of the club half way through this video:

Provocateur NY

Provocateur is a strictly “guest list only” club but also one of the coolest. If you are a great social networker you can probably get to know some insiders via GuestlistSpy.com to get invited. Its designed as a glamorous fashion club—complete with huge 20 foot wings where girls dance on the balcony (you can see those in the video). There are plenty of lighting and smoke effects that sync up to really amazing electronic music!

DubSpot Electronic Music & DJ School

So maybe you want to learn how to produce electronic music or become a DJ in New York City? Professional producers and DJs at DubSpot can teach you music creation and mixing using software like Ableton. All you need is a computer and passion to learn electronic music! The school has a very personalized program based in a supportive community philosophy. You can see from this video that DubSpot is a special cool place.

I Love Electronic Music NYC Meetup.com Group 

So maybe you want to check out some of these clubs and events but none of your friends or family like electronic music? Well then the iluvEM Meetup.com groups would be cool to visit. You can discuss electronic music with other fans or network to promote your work. This is an actual *offline* social gathering of real people who live and breath electronic music in NYC!

Electronic Music In New York


Shockwave Sound Review and Recommendation

I get many requests for music styles that I often can not accommodate so occasionally I like to recommend other royalty free music sites.

Allot of people want royalty free music that doesn’t sound like stock “library” music – but more like music from real artists and composers, if you check this site you’ll find out more. That is one of the reasons I like Shockwave Sound since they work with really talented performers.

Also, I know from running my site that many people have trouble with downloading files and Shockwave Sound offers delivery on CDROM as an option. They also have entire discounted collections on CD.

One of the best features the site offers is that they do not enter their music into the YouTube content id system.  They have a complete page on their YouTube policy you can view here.

Shockwave adds new music very regularly and they also have sound effects. The site is known for classical music if you are looking for that in particular. If you are a high-end user they even have wav versions of the files you can purchase.

So if you can’t find what you need here on DanoSongs.com check out Shockwave Sound : )

Lorraine Grula’s Video Production Tips Site

Hi, I was recently introduced to the site videoproductiontips.com which is a massive library of tips for helping people create videos.

The site includes information on editing, audio, lighting, video conversion and storytelling. Plus you can find reviews of the latest camcorders and other equipment. There is even a section about marketing your business with video.

I found out about the site because the Webmaster Lorraine Grula created a really professional “how to” video about DanoSongs for her visitors (see here). I signed up for her tips and found them very useful so far, since I am producing a new video myself : )

StudioCenter.com | Voice Overs, Audio Production and Acting Talent

StudioCenter.com provides complete production services including voice overs, audio production, sound design, jingles and editing.

On their site you can search for exclusive non union voice talent by keyword, gender and typecasting. Then you can compare results.

If you’re an aspiring voice actor you can also check out their Voice Over Academy. It includes 8 courses taught by famous voiceover artists. The instruction includes real world studio training that results in a professionally produced demo recording.

Studio Center also represents professional actors with credits including national commercials, TV and film. They have even placed actors with M Night Shyamalan.

Here are a few of the productions Studio Center has had actors in: Super 8, Evan Almighty, I Am Number Four (Produced by Michael Bay), The Last Airbender and America’s Most Wanted.

The studio is also known for jingle and music production, music clearance and motion graphics. To learn more about Studio Center visit http://www.studiocenter.com/

Beat Making Software: Why DUBturbo, ACID and Soundation Change Everything

DUBturbo, ACID and Soundation are complete set ups for making professional rap, techno r&b, hip hop or any other beats. This is easy software that is fast to use and it makes broadcast quality beats like a pro DJ, for real.

Any level artist, producer or DJ can use the software and create hit style music. It really does lower the entry in terms of cost and skills. Plus DUBturbo includes video training. So you just need a great ear and a vision.

If you have played around with basic drum and beat machines you know that most of them sound really bad. That is especially true if the beat maker uses poor sound quality files like Mp3s. You have to always build your beats with wavs like DUBturbo, ACID and Soundation do.

When you have the right software and high end samples you will be surprised to see just how easy it is to create tracks that are radio-ready. Previously the problem here was the cost of the software and samples. However now these beat-making programs solve that problem.

The real bottom line here is the ability to make music that is high enough quality for people to want to pay you for it.


5 Production Music Libraries to Try [ Video Samples Included ]

I could write music 24 hours a day and never keep up with all the varied needs of folks who visit Dano Songs. So here is a continuing list of production music libraries. I like to include the ones that have really nice videos!

Killer Tracks

Killer tracks is a production library that has a wide variety of tracks as well a multitude of other resources to use including animations. They also offer many pre made tracks and play lists that range between acoustic guitar and workout. The older tracks can be browsed for or you can check their What’s New section for all the freshest releases on the market.

The website that they use is very streamlined and user friendly, making it an easy place to find what you are looking for and rather quickly. They have staff on hand for questions and concerns as well as offering any help and advice on making your track choices.

615 Music

With more than 40,000 tracks listed, it is almost always possible to find what you are looking for with 615 Music. An all original music list is broken down into easy to search genres; all are available for viewing after a simple registration process.

They keep a client area, press releases, and a newsletter to help keep you up to date with all of their music while on their site. Music and library samples are also available for listening prior to sign up and registration.

Audio Network

Audio Network keeps a vibrant site to match their upbeat view on their music library. Their search engine can not only break down their selection by musical genre but by how you are looking to use it. Amongst the options available to choose from are Youtube, documentaries, gaming, and radio advertisements.

They offer flat rate fees for one time buys as well as monthly packages, allowing you to pick whichever suits your needs best. Their licensing program also gives you the comfort of using your newly acquired tracks on whatever platform you need it in as well as in any and every country.

Extreme Music

With a fast paced view on the industry, Extreme Music likes to put a strong emphasis on why it is you are there; the music. A track player along the side bar is a constant as you browse their offered tracks allowing for easy previewing. And it isn’t a forty second clip they offer you, but full tracks for listening.

Listing their locations with an interactive map, visitors can see all the dealers that are used by them. An intriguing and artistic website awaits those who turn to Extreme Music for their auditory needs, just keep in mind that their website can be a little hard to maneuver at first.


While they keep an interesting set of genre and playlist names, Megatrax houses a large variety of musical and sound effect files for any and all need. They keep a long list of quality tracks and their reach is global being sub-published in over forty countries.

They offer a multitude of options for your music delivery needs as well as the ability to edit your newly received tracks. If you do discover an issue that you are not able to resolve on your own, they keep a dedicated staff on hand to either walk you through it, or solve it for you all together.

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