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Free Film Studies at Ghetto Film School Online


The academy award nominated director, Spike Jones, has been invited to the Ghetto Film School, to offer a free online film studies Master Class for the Ghetto Film School. This is a unique program where young filmmakers from around the world get together in order to discuss more about filmmaking and storytelling. Spike Jones accepted their invitation and held a conference, talking about this business and about the main challenges that they need to overcome. He responded to several questions and he gave them a creative assignment created by himself.

The first lesson he wanted to share with them was that every actor is different, so each one of them works differently. This is why a director should know how to give specific notes. Jones showed them the importance of the rehearsal, not only because they get to repeat together and see how it works out, but mainly because during that period the coworkers get to bond with each other, creating friendships and developing a common language. In this way, they’ll be able to get a better understanding of each other while working together at a project.

When it comes to the writing part, Jones had an interesting insight, saying that it’s essential to share the writing with the others. In this way they will not only get the others’ feedback, but they will also get their own feedback. He emphasized that by sitting down and telling someone a story, he gets the opportunity to actually hear it out loud. Therefore, he may hear what works and what doesn’t work. The same thing happens with the test screening. So those who want to work in this industry should share their ideas.

Working in the film industry may be exciting, especially because people get to do what they like. A great advice was the necessity to choose role models and to focus on great movies. He exemplified by saying that whenever he sees a great movie, he keeps it alive in his mind, taking it everywhere. Such a movie may rest in his mind for a week, a month, or even years. In this way, whenever he will need inspiration, he will go back to that movie.

Another essential thing that can be related to any kind of activity, and not only with filmmaking, is definitely the ability to make friends. After all, coworkers spend a lot of time together and it’s important to work in a relaxed and friendly environment. Besides the work with his team, he also likes to get the opinion of a group of writers and directors, mainly because he loves their work. Thus, he values their opinions so he tries to get a feedback whenever he finishes a script or when he’s editing a movie.

Between the questions posed during this conference, there has been a question about story boards. Jones expressed his personal opinion about these, by saying that they are important as long as there is a complicated sequence. Otherwise, there are many sources of inspiration and one shouldn’t stay too focused on a fixed idea.

What is Getting an Online Music Education Masters Degree Like?

Wondering what getting an online music education masters degree is like? I found this video from a graduate very interesting…

Laurel Reckert from Lincoln, MA earned her Master’s Degree of Music Education in May of 2007. Reckert raves about the flexibility that the online degree allowed her to have in her daily life, claiming that it was “unsurpassable.” Plenty of her classmates that she attended the online classes with had children at home, ranging in a variety of ages from babies to high-school aged children.

The flexibility that the online degree program allowed them to have gave them time to earn their degree and still give their children the attention they deserved. The Music Degree program that Reckert attended took a look at the skills that a Music Educator would need and geared their classes towards building these skills in the students. This helped Reckert tremendously in her professional field, as the class equipped her with the skills that she would need in her line of work.

Reckert also claims that the Boston University Online Classes will challenge your entire being, from a social standpoint and an academic standpoint, and the classes overall are incredibly worthwhile. Students come out of the classes a better, more skillful person. Unlike many people think, online classes do allow students to meet quite a few fantastic people along the way, and many of these people end up being great connections for work later on in life. Reckert states that one of the greatest benefits that the online classes allowed her to have was the ability to talk to other music teachers along the way.

Reckert highly recommends Boston Online University to anyone who is looking to earn a degree online, especially those individuals who have to balance home, work and school, since online degrees offer students the flexibility that they need. Reckert ends the interview by saying that she was inspired by the program overall.

Best 5 Free 2D and 3D Animation Software | Free to Download

Here are the best 5 free 2D and 3D animation programs that are completely free to download and use. These include Blender, Sweet Home 3D, BRL-CAD, FreeCAD and SketchUp. All but SketchUp are completely free for personal and commercial use. They’re open source software and they’re cross-platform so they will run on Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Blender is a 3D animation and design program. You can draw and manipulate objects in 3D space. They’ve done entire animated movies similar to what Pixar would make. Check out Sintel and Tears of Steel for instance.

You can do animations, games, or 3D objects with Blender. You can make some very realistic-looking objects with Blender. There is also a really great community online with repositories, where you can actually find different 3D art that you can use in your own animations or your own rendering using open licensing.

Sweet Home 3D is a program for designing a house or building layout and arranging furniture in it. You just draw it up in a 2D space and it will create a 3D model of that 2D layout that you draw. Then you can just drag furniture into it. It’s great if you’re going to redesign your house or if you’re planning an addition.

This next two BRL-CAD and FreeCAD are very similar to Autodesk AutoCAD and they have a lot of the same features as AutoCAD has. BRL-CAD  has been extensively used by the military for several decades and it has lots of the models associated with it. There are military vehicles and weapon systems included. With BRL-CAD and you render actual parts. Like an axle and rim for a landing gear assembly for an aircraft. You can actually create blueprints from these parts and build these just like you would with any AutoCAD or any CAD design program.

FreeCAD is 2D and 3D. You can do a lot of the same things you can do with BRL-CAD or with AutoCAD. Keep in mind there’s a learning curve involved with all of the software. If you want to invest the time in learning these CAD programs, then you can create some very, very useful things with them.

SketchUp by Google is not an open source program, but it is still free for personal use. It’s really easy to just draw things and it’s kind of fun to use to – you can create houses, vehicles or any kind of 3D object. It’s used a lot in architectural applications. SketchUp  works on Windows and Macintosh. All of the models you see on Google Earth and Google Maps were drawn in Google SketchUp.  Check out the video for some cool examples.

Film and TV Audio Post Production for Sound Engineers

Enrolling for the audio post production for film and TV course at Berklee gives aspiring sound engineers a unique chance to acquire new skills. Students will learn from experts like Mark Cross. In this video Mark takes viewers through the content of the course and gives insights into what learners will gain out of the program.  He also discusses his qualifications and the skills he has acquired in the field. Mark is known in the industry as an accomplished mixer, composer and producer.

Mark has worked in the industry of film and television for more than twenty years. According to him, taking this online course will give the learner specific strategies and techniques which are used by professionals who work on post production. The specific areas that are covered include: spotting, editing, assembling dialogue, Foley, sound effects and music. Students will also learn mixing and prepping skills.

The course is separated into three areas which are: dialogue, music, and effects. Each of the three elements plays an important part in telling the story. For example dialogue gives a chance for the voice of the character to be heard and recognized, the music helps in the amplification of emotions and effects help in the definition of the actions as well as the general ambiance of the scene which is being played.

Is USC a Good School for Film Production?

So what will the USC film graduate program in production teach you, and what won’t you learn? Is it a good school and is the tuition worth it?

Courses include writing, directing and producing. You will instantly enter into a group of other people who are also serious about filmmaking studies. There are plenty of mentors to push and guide you as well. This networking aspect is a big part of what your tuition pays for.

But they don’t teach you about the risks you need to take out in the field to actually get a film made. Also, the program is more geared toward larger budgets, even for shorts. So if you just want to make a short film for no or low budget then you don’t really need to go to all the way to southern California for college at USC.

Interview with an alumni of the USC film graduate program:

Electronic Music Production & DJ School: Online, NYC and LA

Dubspot is a unique electronic music production and DJ school you may want to check out. They offer personalized programs that meet the needs of a wide range of students from those with just a spark of interest in the industry, to those who have been producing music for many years.

With campuses in Los Angeles, New York City, and Online, you have many options to find a location. The school fosters a creative environment that unites students with common interest to network and grow. The instructors at Dubspot come from all over the world. They have a wide range of diverse musical backgrounds, are very creative and encourage their student to discover innovative paths in the industry. For example, Silent Events, which has become a phenomenon because of the multiple ways to enjoy it. Silent parties have become a movement and a revolution of sort and electronic music is one of the types of music at the heart of them.

The equipment at Dubspot is state of the art and students are able to experience a diverse range of high-tech equipment. This is a hands on program where students get to use nearly every piece of equipment currently on the market for electronic music production.

Students don’t have to wait until they are done with the program to get to work. Dubspot encourages them to go out and start producing. By the time they finish the program, nearly all of the students at Dubspot have had real world experience turning their dreams into a reality.

Students that come to Dubspot with a vision in mind of where they would like to go and what path of music production they would like to choose are already on the right track. They sit down with instructors and find a way to make those dreams a reality. Dubspot is about the students finding a way to express their own musical and creative talent, whether that be music production, an artist, or a silent party in the heart of Chicago.

Music is fun and can be enjoyed as a career or just a hobby. Either way, chase your dreams and enjoy life!

Short Film Making Course: Festivals, Contests and Oscars

Short films are not just any film. They are unique projects and you need a different approach for them.

Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, Jared Hess and James Wan all made short films at first. They got recognized for these early in their careers and went on to make features.

Here are some guidelines from the short film making course you can watch below:

• The best length is less than 10 minutes due to film festival scheduling. 15 minutes is ok and the max is 40 minutes.

• Quick exposition. Let the viewers know what is going on really fast. Its simpler to show the story than to explain it. Well, it’s like the movie called “21” starred by Jim Sturgess, they shot the scenes in uk casino.

• If you are thinking of making a feature from the concept, then take one scene from it that works on its own, and make the short from that. This can help you interest investors for a feature.

• Use the short film to test techniques and skills like new special effects.

• Keep in mind that you will be able to submit to online video contests and win cash prizes with top rated casino app.

• Also, remember that you can submit to certain film festivals and actually get nominated for the Oscars.

For complete information check out this short film making course from Indy Mogul:

5 Great Video Editing Softwares with Free Download of the Full Version

Check out these five video editing softwares with free download of the full version: Avidmucks, Lightworks, Kdenlive, Openshot and Cinelerra. All of these programs are completely free to use for both personal and commercial use, they are also all open source software.

Avidmucks: Works on Windows, Linux and Macintosh. It’s great for encoding. You can choose the video output, the video container as well as the audio container, and then the entire video format. You can do standard editing and apply different filters and effects.

Lightworks: Hollywood videos like Pulp Fiction were edited and put together using this software. It’s great for editing for doing large and complex projects. You can also add different effects. For instance, dragging and dropping a negative effect makes the whole screen negative for an entire clip.

Kdenlive and Openshot: Both have a similar interface to Windows Movie Maker. Add music, video and image clips. Lots of effects including film grain and cartoon. Also apply transitions.

Cinelerra: It’s got all kinds of different effects you can add. You can flip and drag images as well as import and export in lots of different formats.

Windows Live Movie MakerComes with Windows. It’s a good solution if you want to quickly put together some pictures with music and video clips. It doesn’t give you as much control as the other programs do as far as effects and output format.

3 Video Game Design Software Programs You Can Try Free

Here are a few free and trial options for video game design software programs:

Game Maker Studio – Easy to get started with, great for beginners. Coding is drag and drop, no programming required. Only 2d but that’s no problem if you are just learning, and if what you want is to learn to play video shooter games as CSGO, you could also use services online as CSGO Boosting and many others like advises on why to Avoid cheap boosting services at all costs.

Unity Free Editor – Supports and encourages 3d. Not that easy to learn, but does come with a demo game you can experiment with. Requires learning scripting.

Unreal Development Kit – Used by big name developers, the most advanced. Comes with stunning sample game graphics. Highly complicated and you need to learn programming. I also suggest to click here where you will find the best gaming monitor to play your games and This guide covers the best gaming mice of 2017 – highly recommended, that way you will have the best equipment to play all the games at www.bingobeaver.com, which are probably the top online games right now.

Speaking of online games, online betting and free spins are also widely popular. Many regular online casino patrons love to play online slots that feature free spins because they believe these are loose games that payout better due to more spins for the bet especially with new casino no deposit bonuses.

Ultimately, the free spin feature on certain online slot games allows you to spin the reels for free when certain symbols land on the appropriate paylines, in turn initiating free spins.

A couple of programs are a waste of time. FPS Creator is way too simple. Does not allow for allot of creativity. The worst is Platinum Arts Sandbox. Its more of a kids game, so don’t bother. Better just play Minecraft.

Check out the below overview video for more info:

DSLR Digital Filmmaking Guide – Basic Tutorial and Tips

The below DSLR digital filmmaking guide has lots of great tips. Check out this summary of the tutorial.

There are 4 features that make DSLR cameras great for filmmaking:

• 24 frames per second which is what is used on feature films
• Shallow depth of field
• There are lots of editing options with digital files
• The variety of lenses is great for lighting options

Make sure you set everything to be controlled in manual mode including aperture, ISO and shutterspeed.

You will also want to purchase a neutral density filter for your DSLR camera.

Remove all sharpness and contrast settings. Add these in editing.

Be sure also to set you Kelvins in your color temperature manually. In particular you should set your own focus and don’t use auto-focus.

You can’t use the internal audio in DSLR, its poor. You must have an excellent external mic. Ideally use a separate audio recorder.

There is no “best” lens. Choose your lens based on what you are filming. You can easily record yourself doing any kind of sports, if you´re not sure what kind, then start making workout videos and use https://flexmastergeneral.com to get yourself a workout plan.

Overall you need to define the look you want before you start shooting. Find an example existing film and then adjust settings until you can match the feel of it.

Watch the video for many specific settings in various lighting and depth of field situations:

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