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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

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Sound Effects News: 25 Free SFX Downloads

I usually create full instrumental tracks at about 3 minutes long. But I get allot of requests for production sound effects for podcasting, videos, powerpoint and online radio.

So when prosoundeffects.com contacted me about an offer they have to give away 25 free sound effect downloads, this struck me as news folks might like to know about.

The sfx are a part of a complete high quality MP3 library and you can listen to the demo below. Its sounds great to me. You can find the free sfx downloads here.

Podcasting Sound Effects Demos by ProSoundEffects


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Latest Music Licensing News and Groundbreaking Developments


Here is a bit of interesting news on the forefront of the music licensing business:

Tadcast.com is trying to get musicians to pay for having their music placed in popular YouTube videos. This is definitely a groundbreaking attempt in the music licensing world that I’m sure will cause quite a stir. Read More

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will no longer allow music licensed under creative commons. They say it is because most of it does not allow commercial use. They are right! That is why I allow commercial use of my music so it is easy to use. Read More

Promotion company DMX thwarts ASCAP‘s attempt to price gouge them with a 25 million dollar performance licensing fee. Oh, the complications and the drama of the PROs! That’s why the commercial-friendly creative commons license added a new paragraph to exclude ASCAP and BMI. Read More

The founders of Skype and Kazaa are now in the music rights administration business! It is a new world we are in and I’m just waiting for Google to step in on music licensing. The company, Music Report, is helping Rdio manage their music subscription licensing. Read More

See How Tadcast Is Trying to Get Musicians to “Pay for Play” in YouTube videos!

Man is this a major faux pa, sure to spark controversy and change. Question is, will musicians sign up? Reality is that desperate labels probably will.

5 Royalty Free Music Tracks: Featured User Videos

Hey, here are some of the top viewed YouTube videos that use my royalty free music library as a soundtrack. You can download all of these instrumental songs as MP3s from my home page. You can use them as background production music in video trailers, Websites, Internet radio, podcasts, or for on hold.

This cute pet video uses “Joker with Honey Lips” which has a country rock feel. This is adorable.

The alternative rock guitar track “Sun Spark” is used in this highly rated video with great clips of game play.

Acoustic rock tune “Art of Gardens” used to demonstrate smart phone typing app.

“Silver Shine” is a new age style piano track used in a girly tutorial. I can’t believe how many girls use my music for these kinds of videos – really funny!

“Black Box in the Ground” is a hard rock style epic that I made to be used as just for background music – perfect for a zombie game guide!

Royalty Free Music Loops Controversy

Interesting story in the news this week about Steve Angello of the act Swedish House Mafia using royalty free music loops in his recording of the track “KNAS”.

There is some controversy over whether or not it is artistic to create tracks using loops from a royalty free music library. In fact this MTV article even goes as far as to interview Angello and get his view on the debate.

Ha! MTV is dreadfully behind the times and misses the point. There are millions of tracks all over the world that are created using royalty free loop libraries. Beatportal.com is the site that “caught” Angello doing this and they make no judgment on his creativity or integrity.

Using loops is simply what Music Producers and DJs do. Sound Designers and Musicians create loops – Producers mix, master and market a finished track. It’s the new division of labor in the 21st century music industry.

What I say to people who think using loops is inartistic is – try mixing up a track like KNAS yourself and then decide if it takes talent or not. In fact, I always encourage people to try out making their own music using legally cleared royalty free music loops from Sony ACID and PowerFx.

This piece gives me the chills and getting that effect, is all in the mix…not in the loops.

Steve Angello’s KNAS: Uses Royalty Free Music Loops

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