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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

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New Royalty Free Music | Upbeat Acoustic, Organ Ballad, Techno and Acoustic Picking Instrumentals


Hi, I have a new song called “Great World” and I made 4 instrumental royalty free versions you can download and try in your project.

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your project.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or buy the package and you can use these too.

There is an acoustic guitar upbeat version, more slow organ ballad, European techno style and acoustic picking:

Great World – Acoustic Strum

Great World – Organ

Great World – Acoustic Picking

Great World – Techno

What does it take to make the world great?

Wedding Photography Video Using My Royalty Free Music

Colorful and creative wedding photography video uses my royalty free music “SunSpark”.

by http://www.wolfphotographers.com @Frederic_Wolf

Try out the song at http://danosongs.com

Royalty Free Music for Travel Tours of Italy Video

Tours of Tuscany, Italy video uses my royalty free song “I’m Gonna Go”. Looks like fun and the country is so beautiful, by taking one of the best coolers you can have lots of fun, I also recommend checking the rotomolded cooler picks to take to all your trips. Check out the tour company’s lovely website UniqueCorners.com

New Book Trailer Uses My Royalty Free Piano Instrumental

Trailer for the new book Em Um Lugar Melhor (In a Better Place) uses my royalty free track Beautiful Messenger – Piano Instrumental Mix

New PRICE SPY App Using Acoustic Instrumental Version of My Royalty Free Song “Love Letters”

Just got word from PRICE SPY that they are using the acoustic guitar instrumental version of my royalty free song “Love Letters”.

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