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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

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Lost in the Cinema – Royalty Free Positive Instrumental Electro Pop

‘Lost in the Cinema’ is an energetic electro royalty free music track with an upbeat pop sound. Inspiring, driving, uplifting, and motivational. Positive dramatic or corporate technology uses.

Download: danosongs.com/music/danosongs.com-lost-in-the-cinema.mp3


Energetic, upbeat, inspiring, driving, uplifting, motivational, dramatic, Corporate, technology, epic, positive, instrumental, pop, Edm, electronic dance music, trance, techno, house, electronic, electro, dance, electronica

Epic Dramatic Piano and Strings Royalty Free Music | Epicenters Eve

New epic and dramatic piano and strings royalty free music from danosongs.

Download: http://danosongs.com/music/danosongs.com-epicenters-eve.mp3

Piano chords set an emotional tone for this Hollywood film style track.

Ideal instrumental music for scores where a an inspiring cinematic composition is needed in action scenes or motivational commercials.

Could also be used for games, shorts, documentaries, romance, emotional dramas or fantasy films.

Includes orchestral percussion and symphonic strings perfect for underlying soundtracks in sports videos, television themes or advertising projects.

Tags: Epic, Dramatic, Piano, Strings, Royalty Free Music, Danosongs

Inspirabeat | Upbeat Energetic Motivational Royalty Free Music

upbeat-energetic-motivational-royalty-free-musicInspirabeat is an upbeat, energetic and motivational royalty free music track.

Features guitar, synth, bass, beats and strings. Great for corporate presentations and videos.

Energize and uplift your media with energetic background music!

Download instrumental mp3 of this happy upbeat tune from my music library:


tags: upbeat, energetic, motivational, royalty free music

Love Letters | Romantic Love Song Ballad | New Music by DanoSongs

New music video for my song “Love Letters” by Arton Studios

spotify https://goo.gl/9MrHWi
itunes https://goo.gl/r2ShtF
amazon https://goo.gl/oyrkM1

Free Love Letters MP3 Download:

Free Royalty Free Instrumental:

Chords and Lyrics:

All my life I was looking for somebody
Then I met my American girl next store, wild, shy and sunny
I stopped my search when I found you
And all I wanted was to say I love you too

I wrote a poem from your notes and love letters
Through every season I put them together
Then I added the lyrics that I wrote in New York
To write this love song for the one I adore

A beautiful story about you and me
How just one kiss from your pink lips sets me free
Woman I’m your best friend and lover
Thats the meaning of love you helped me discover


You don’t have to test me cause we’re real
And my music is saying how I feel
I read you poetry and bought you flowers
Minutes went by that were really hours and they were ours

What is this spell that makes me love you?
You’re my everything and a dream come true
When I picture your blue eyes and long hair
It hurts cause I want to be with you there


tags: romantic, love, lyrics, song, music, new, ballad, danosongs

Acoustic Guitar Strumming Royalty Free Music | Once There Were WIllows

Hi, I have a new royalty free track called “Once There Were Willows” that you can use! I’m playing acoustic guitar and strumming a simple progression, when I’m recording, but I also use loop pedals when playing live.

It was supposed to have vocals for release as a single on iTunes. But I had a cold at the studio that day. So I decided to just release this here on danosongs for you to use!

“Once There Were Willows” 

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your video, film, app or other media.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or buy the package.

Click to Download


#acoustic #acousticguitar #royaltyfreemusic

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4TcUbekTpnM

Ghost Island | New EDM Trap Song | Royalty Free Electronic Music Mix


Hi, I just finished a new EDM / Trap electronic music mix that you can use royalty free. There is a vocal and instrumental version below.

I had fun experimenting with new types of electronic beats within a pop song structure. I hope you find it interesting!

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your video, film, app or other media.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or buy the package.

Ghost Island with Vocals: Click to Download

Ghost Island Instrumental: Click to Download


You’re living on ghost island
Waiting to see whats next
On the other side of the door
You keep talking but you just hear silence
Nothing left to dread

Royalty Free Background Music | Piano, Reggae and Cinematic | Particles of Salenia


Hi, I have a new track called “Particles of Salenia” that I made three versions of royalty free background music for.

One is a dramatic cinematic style using synth strings. Another is an upbeat good feeling reggae version. I also created a piano version with some percussion beats.

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your project.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or buy the package and you can use these too.

Particles of Salenia – Piano

Particles of Salenia – Reggae

Particles of Salenia – Cinematic

If you have any trouble downloading just contact me and I will email you the file. If you previously bought the package you can use these tracks as free updates to it.

“Life is a wave, which in no two consecutive moments of its existence is composed of the same particles.” — John Tyndall

Royalty Free Jazz, Piano and Techno Instrumental Music Downloads


Hi, I have a new song called “Remember the Stars” and I created 5 new royalty free instrumental music versions you can download and try in your next project.

There is standard jazz, dramatic piano, bossa nova, upbeat techno and jazz with trumpet.

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your project.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or if you buy the package you can use these too.

Remember the Stars – Jazz

Remember the Stars – Piano

Remember the Stars – Bossa Nova

Remember the Stars – Techno

Remember the Stars – Jazz Trumpet

If you have any trouble downloading the music just contact me and I can send you the files.

Do you remember the stars?

Intro Music | 6 Mp3 Downloads | Every Possible Life

Intro Music

Hi, here are 6 intro music mp3 downloads. These are different mixes of a short piece called “Every Possible Life”

These could be good for talk and news shows, YouTube videos, movie soundtracks, websites, etc.

At about one minute in length these seem best as intros but could be used for anything.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’! Audrey Hepburn 

See the FAQ for how to license these tracks:

Every Possible Life – Latin Big Band Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – Classical Piano Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – Hard Rock Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – R&B Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – Jazz Pop Mix.mp3

Every Possible Life – Acoustic Rock Mix.mp3

Thank you for listening and for using my music.

I hope you are doing well : )

New Royalty Free Music | Upbeat Acoustic, Organ Ballad, Techno and Acoustic Picking Instrumentals


Hi, I have a new song called “Great World” and I made 4 instrumental royalty free versions you can download and try in your project.

1. Right click and “Save as” on (mp3) link to download and try the song in your project.

2. Before publishing your project click here to donate $10 per song or buy the package and you can use these too.

There is an acoustic guitar upbeat version, more slow organ ballad, European techno style and acoustic picking:

Great World – Acoustic Strum

Great World – Organ

Great World – Acoustic Picking

Great World – Techno

What does it take to make the world great?

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