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Corporate Video Production “How To” Starter Tips


As a composer, and the only austin video production company in texas, I am involved in many corporate video productions. I found a couple of very nice videos explaining the process of putting one together.

If you are just starting out with making a video for your business here is a summary to get you started:

Determine your priorities and goals based on what you customers need and how the effect you want it to have on them.

Decide on the type of corporate video you want to produce: Sales, trust, awareness, desire or credibility.

When choosing the a corporate video production company be sure to network with colleagues and friends for recommendations.

Also check out your competitors videos, see which ones you like and find out who produced them. If all else fails use very specific Google searches that target your exact needs in a production company.

Once you find candidates be sure to look for testimonials, details and demos of previous projects to see the quality of their work.

Chat with at least a few potential companies and see who “gets” what you want to accomplish. Wait to talk price as a last step.

photo: flickr.com/photos/josephmorris

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