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Free Love MP3 Download | Songs with Love in Lyrics | Free Royalty Free Music

Free Love MP3, Song with Love, Free Royalty Free Music

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Hi, this week I have a vocal and new pop style upbeat acoustic guitar love song called “Love Letters”. As something new, I’ve included the vocal and instrumental version for background music and well as the chords and lyrics in a pdf file you can download.

Free Love MP3 Download:

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Songs with Love in Lyrics:

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This might be great for a romantic Wedding slideshow or gallery. My daughters introduced me to “Love Song” which I think is one of the greatest tunes by Sara Bareilles. It turns out that unfortunately people can’t use it as music in their utube videos because of copyrights. So I decided to write my own with a similar modern romantic story which I always wanted to do anyway.

Now “Love Letters” has become one of my top 10 downloads.

Love Song Collection

Here is a collection of my original love songs. Just right click and select “Save Link As” or “Save Target As” to get the free love mp3 download:

Everything Begins.mp3 – An uplifting acoustic song about the start of a relationship. It’s a ballad with a folk rock sound.

EverythingBeginsInstrumental.mp3 – a remake of Everything Begins with finger-picking acoustic guitar and no vocals.

Its You.mp3 – Kind of sad song about missing someone and is slow compared to the others. It’s based on real email notes and poems just like “Love Letters”.

Our Song.mp3 – Modern pop rock song with a full band. It’s upbeat, a bit quirky and sort of funny.

“Nulcear MakeUp” and “I Am You, You Are Me” are on my Guitar Lyrics and Cut-ups album that you can also find on iTunes if you want to go direct to your iPod. These songs have a more indie alternative band sound.

Nuclear MakeUp.mp3 – About fighting, breaking up, making up and doing it over and over and over again!

I Am You, You Are Me.mp3 – Obsessive stalker vibe that people say sounds like Alice in Chains.

Here is my complete lyric collection and many are songs with love in the lyrics:

32 Pop, Rock and Love Song Lyrics PDF

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Love Letters Lyrics

All my life I was looking for somebody
Then I met my American girl next store, wild, shy and sunny
I stopped my search when I found you
And all I wanted was to say I love you too

I wrote a poem from your notes and love letters
Through every season I put them together
Then I added the lyrics that I wrote in New York
To write this love song for the one I adore

A beautiful story about you and me
How just one kiss from your pink lips sets me free
Woman I’m your best friend and lover
Thats the meaning of love you helped me discover


You don’t have to test me cause we’re real
And my music is saying how I feel
I read you poetry and bought you flowers
Minutes went by that were really hours and they were ours

What is this spell that makes me love you?
You’re my everything and a dream come true
When I picture your blue eyes and long hair
It hurts cause I want to be with you there

I wrote a poem from your notes and love letters
Through every season I put them together
Then I added the lyrics that I wrote in New York
To write this love song for the one I adore
To write this love song for the one I adore

Thanks for listening.



by Dan O'Connor

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