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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

How to Make Beats Using Kanye West Style Layering


Great video by BBoySpaz showing us how to make beats using the layering technique used allot by Kanye West.

I’ve been doing this for a while, but his idea of layering an instrument over the vocals with the same melody is new to me. Also, BBoySpaz makes a cool point about mixing your own keyboards with a loop or sample.

You can use any software program to create custom rap and hip hop instrumental beats from scratch with this tip.  So, check out this tutorial and break out the laptop to give layering a try and follow @bboyspaz.

BBoySpaz Video: How to Make Beats Kanye West Style

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