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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

How to Make Royalty Free Music (Even if You are Not a Musician)

How to Make Royalty Free Music

According to Red Drum Music Studios, you can make royalty free music in any way that you record regular commercial music like in your home studio.

I usually use the progressions from acoustic vocal songs I write to make instrumental music for my website DanoSongs.

A lot of the time I just record my guitar live, but I really like experimenting with different MIDI production software too.

In fact, my website DanoSongs was started when I wanted to post some of these experiments to let people use, since vocal songs are my main passion.

Some of the software I have used is Acoustica Mixcraft, JamStudio, Band in a Box, Soundation and Chordbot.

But if you are not a musician and you want to make your own royalty free music right on your computer I recommend Band in a Box.

You can enter popular progressions and pick a style. Check out this video to see how it works:

photo: flickr.com/photos/ranchrecords

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