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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

Sound Effects News: 25 Free SFX Downloads

I usually create full instrumental tracks at about 3 minutes long. But I get allot of requests for production sound effects for podcasting, videos, powerpoint and online radio.

So when prosoundeffects.com contacted me about an offer they have to give away 25 free sound effect downloads, this struck me as news folks might like to know about.

The sfx are a part of a complete high quality MP3 library and you can listen to the demo below. Its sounds great to me. You can find the free sfx downloads here.

Podcasting Sound Effects Demos by ProSoundEffects


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Social Media Survival Guide Review

I was recently discovered a book called the “Social Media Survival Guide” because the author Deltina Hay mentioned DanoSongs.com as a resource for music – very cool! If you need more comments on your social media accounts, then go to Social Media Daily.

Well she sent me a copy and I have to tell you it is the most thorough and detailed book on social media I have read!

The book has lots of nice illustrations and instructions on how to grow a global community around your business, you could even buy Instagram followers to make it grow exponentially faster. Check it out here on Amazon or at Deltina’s site.

Update: now Deltina Hay has come out with an amazing looking new book called “The Bootstrapper’s Guide to the Mobile Web: Practical Plans to Get Your Business Mobile in Just a Few Days for Just a Few Bucks”. She showed me the trailer and is going to use my music for it. I’m looking forward to checking it out!


Best Voice Over Actors for Video and TV Commercials

Since I provide background music for allot of videos I get asked often if I can recommend voice over actors for commercials.

You can get some incredible voice over deals on Fiverr.com if you are on a super tight budget. But there is not that much choice of talent and the format is limited.

Also, I’d like to mention two gentlemen who helped me do the voice over for the sounders on my site. Will Wilson at WillSpeakforYou.com and Bill Hewes from the “The Hillbilly Yank Show“.

I set out to find out the best reliable source of voice actors that I could recommend to folks and I narrowed it down studiocenter.com. They are big time into radio commercial production and all around audio production for video and television.

Another reason I am recommending Studio Center is because they have studios in many major cities across the US so this may be helpful to people.

You can check out the video below for their top 10 male voices and see their YouTube channel. Go to their website for samples and to search for voice over acting talent.

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Adding Music to PowerPoint | How to Put Background Music In Slideshow Presentations

Adding music to PowerPoint can really engage your audience by creating the mood you want for your slideshow. The first thing you need is a free and legal audio file to put in as a background in your presentation.

You can use one of my MP3 songs below or any other from my music library for this tutorial. Just right click on the link and select “Save As” to download the file to your My Downloads or other folder:

Magic Ghost.mp3 – Hypnotic Electronic

In the Deal.mp3 – Acid Jazz Hip Hop

The Art of Gardens.mp3 – Acoustic Rock

Silver Shine.mp3 – New Age Piano

So now you can skip the first part of the video instruction below which asks you to copy music from a CD. The next thing you want to do is open PowerPoint and look at the top navigation menu.

Find the menu item called “Insert” and then select “Movies and Sounds” then “Sound from File”. Then go to the folder where you have your audio files and add one of them.

Adding Music to Powerpoint: Video Tutorial

Guide to Finding Legal Royalty Free MP3 Music for YouTube Video Backgrounds

If you have checked out all of my music, and can’t find what you need, here are a few ways to find tracks from indie musicians that may be able to be used under a creative commons license. Or you may be able to get permission from the artist to use the track for free if you can offer them exposure in your video.

Finding free music that you can use on YouTube can be challenging, but it can be done. Free music can be downloaded online from a multitude of areas that you can use in your YouTube video without running the risk of having it removed due to copyright. Always check the terms of the site or send an email directly to the artist to make sure it is legal (you have permission) to use the music:

1. Search MP3 Blogs. MP3 blogs upload music for their readers to download and use. Some popular MP3 blogs are Stereogum, Gorilla vs. Bear, You Ain’t No Picasso, So Much Silence, The Rap Up, Digital Eargasm, and Aquarium Drunkard. It’s free and you can use an aggregator to find which MP3 blogs you want and have the music you want to use.

One such aggregator, The Hype Machine, allows you to search based on artist name or song title. A list of results will appear and you can choose which blog posts best fit your search.

Another aggregator you can use is Elbo.ws. You type in the name of the song or artist in the “Keyword” search box. Find the one that best fits your search and at the top of the list, click on “Tracks.” This link will bring up a lost of the tracks that match your search. You can then click on one to view the blog post and download the song you want.

2. Use Del.icio.us. This social networking site allows you to create a custom search. You can do this if you type in http://del.icio.us/tag/system:filetype:mp3, and this will bring up a list of all the MP3s on the site. You can search for more specific songs by adding “+Artist Name” to the end of the URL link. Click a link to play the track and then right click on it to select “Save Link As” so you can download the file. Many of these are legal promotional MP3s that are links directly to the artists site.

3. Use Bit-Torrent. Bit-Torrent allows users to share files, which will allow you to download free music. Choose a Bit-Torrent client to download and install. Find .torrent files to download the music you want. Once the download is finished, visit The Pirate Bay and click on “Browse Torrents,” then “Audio.” The list will show all the files you can download. To download a song, click on the file and your Bit-Torrent program will download the song. Lots of artists upload legal creative commons music to bit-torrent, I myself distribute through Mininova.

4. Use Peer-to-Peer Networks. Some examples of peer-to-peer networks are LimeWire, Morpheus, SoulSeek. Others include Gnutella and ED2K. Find a peer-to-peer network you want to install and download it. Once it’s installed, you can create a shared files folder to download and share music on the program. You can find many independent unsigned artists who may let you use their music for the exposure.

5. Use royalty free music sites. Certain sites like Jamendo, Opsound, and Dig.ccMixter allow you to download songs from artists for free. There are no royalties and only some companies make you pay for certain tracks. Some of these sites allow artists and musicians to upload music for others to download and listen to. Jamendo is free to join and lets you download songs in MP3 or OGG files. Jamendo also lets you buy a commercial license for the track. Opsound doesn’t even require you to join to download songs.

6. Use MagnaTune. Although this royalty free music archive requires you to register and pay $15 a month for access, you can use this site to upload songs to your videos as long as you give attribution to the original author and to MagnaTune. Although it’s not completely free, you can still upload your videos onto YouTube with no fear of having them taken down or removed because of copyright issues. This will probably be one of the easiest and less risky options for your video uploading needs.

To find more places, just search online “royalty free music for videos” and a list of sites that let you download free music and sites that show you where to find these sites will appear.

You want to make sure that the music you are trying to upload isn’t coming from a commercialized program like iTunes, Rhapsody, etc., because at times YouTube recognizes these and will not post, or will disable the video because of copyright issues.

Although it’s not easy to find royalty free music online that you can use in YouTube videos without running the risk of having them removed for copyright, you can do it (thousands of other people do). By using these methods to download music, you should never run out of options for your videos.

All the best, have fun with your videos and peace always.


Make Youtube Videos with Windows Movie Maker: Clip Editing Tutorial

I found this really nice professional tutorial on using Windows Movie Maker to edit your clips and make Youtube videos. If you want to import audio into your movie check out my royalty free music on my home page for download-able mp3 music files.

You can download Moviemaker from Microsoft here for free and I think it works on any computer with Windows – XP, Vista, 7, etc. The program has some built in effects and transitions you can use in your movies. Even though this is free software it still works well, even for professionals in some cases.

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Music for Movies | Best Way to Score Films | Editing Innovations by Ken Burns

Great interview with famous documentary producer Ken Burns on music for movies. He has been creating films for 30 years and has many on PBS.

He talks about how traditionally the process is to “lock the film” before bringing in composers and musicians. Then scoring is a very mathematical process based on precise timing. Very true and extremely different from songwriting.

Ken instead takes a more innovative and organic approach by recording music he finds moving before editing has even started. He has the musicians record hundreds of music beds. Then he edits the film around the music – which I had never heard of.

He mentions having over 200 versions of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” recorded for his baseball documentary!

Ken Burns on Music for Movies

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Music Resource Sites for Teachers: Naxos Music Library Review and Tutorial

I get allot of educators coming to my site to use my free creative commons music  for students.  That’s why I thought I would write about the Naxos Music Library which is one of the most tremendous resource sites for teachers online.

This music library has tens of thousands of classical, jazz and world music tracks. You can browse recordings by composer and read discographies as well as biographies about them. You can also browse by genre and record label as shown in this video.

One of the best resources for teachers on the site is the preplanned music curriculum outlines. Ideally as a teacher, you would request your institution to sign up for a subscription for the service so your students can log in and listen to pieces in the educational programs.

Video Overview of the Naxos Music Library – One of the Best Sites for Teachers

This is a very professional tutorial video showing how to search, play and download tracks. Visit the Naxos Music Library.

Tutorial Video: How to Add Music to Microsoft Windows Movie Maker Using MP3 Audio Files

I found a very well done, simple tutorial video that shows how to add music to your video for YouTube using Microsoft Windows Movie Maker and MP3 audio files.

You can try this out by downloading one of my free songs if you want. Feel free to edit the MP3 files in order to create clips with a sound that fits in your movies – just like the tutorial shows.

If you are totally new to using the program, here is an article about locating, downloading, installing and “How to Use MovieMaker on Windows 7“. Also, if you are not on Windows you can read about “Online Video Editing Alternatives” as well.

My Tip: Instead of inserting such a long track into moviemaker (as shown in the video) and then having to shorten it, try using the free software called Audacity to edit the clip first.

How to Insert Music into You Movie or Film: Tutorial Video

Latest Music Licensing News and Groundbreaking Developments


Here is a bit of interesting news on the forefront of the music licensing business:

Tadcast.com is trying to get musicians to pay for having their music placed in popular YouTube videos. This is definitely a groundbreaking attempt in the music licensing world that I’m sure will cause quite a stir. Read More

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation will no longer allow music licensed under creative commons. They say it is because most of it does not allow commercial use. They are right! That is why I allow commercial use of my music so it is easy to use. Read More

Promotion company DMX thwarts ASCAP‘s attempt to price gouge them with a 25 million dollar performance licensing fee. Oh, the complications and the drama of the PROs! That’s why the commercial-friendly creative commons license added a new paragraph to exclude ASCAP and BMI. Read More

The founders of Skype and Kazaa are now in the music rights administration business! It is a new world we are in and I’m just waiting for Google to step in on music licensing. The company, Music Report, is helping Rdio manage their music subscription licensing. Read More

See How Tadcast Is Trying to Get Musicians to “Pay for Play” in YouTube videos!

Man is this a major faux pa, sure to spark controversy and change. Question is, will musicians sign up? Reality is that desperate labels probably will.

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