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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

5 Royalty Free Music Tracks: Featured User Videos

Hey, here are some of the top viewed YouTube videos that use my royalty free music library as a soundtrack. You can download all of these instrumental songs as MP3s from my home page. You can use them as background production music in video trailers, Websites, Internet radio, podcasts, or for on hold.

This cute pet video uses “Joker with Honey Lips” which has a country rock feel. This is adorable.

The alternative rock guitar track “Sun Spark” is used in this highly rated video with great clips of game play.

Acoustic rock tune “Art of Gardens” used to demonstrate smart phone typing app.

“Silver Shine” is a new age style piano track used in a girly tutorial. I can’t believe how many girls use my music for these kinds of videos – really funny!

“Black Box in the Ground” is a hard rock style epic that I made to be used as just for background music – perfect for a zombie game guide!

Magix Music Maker | Create Royalty Free Songs for Video and Movies

Magix Music Maker is a simple music studio software program you can use to create your own music for your videos. It comes with royalty free loops, a beatmaker, a variety of native instrument samples, mixer and editor.

The below video shows you how to get started making your own beats. It also demonstrates the creation of a basic composition by “painting on” and arranging loops.

You might also want to try using Sony ACID and Soundation, but Magix Music Maker has an “easy mode” that is really good for total beginners new to making their own music.

Magix Music Maker: Royalty Free So You Can Use the Songs for Your Movies

Click here to see the latest Magix Music Maker programs

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How to Make Beats Using Kanye West Style Layering


Great video by BBoySpaz showing us how to make beats using the layering technique used allot by Kanye West.

I’ve been doing this for a while, but his idea of layering an instrument over the vocals with the same melody is new to me. Also, BBoySpaz makes a cool point about mixing your own keyboards with a loop or sample.

You can use any software program to create custom rap and hip hop instrumental beats from scratch with this tip.  So, check out this tutorial and break out the laptop to give layering a try and follow @bboyspaz.

BBoySpaz Video: How to Make Beats Kanye West Style

Music for On Hold | The Revolution in Background Tracks

There is a huge change taking place in the music for on hold industry. It has become easier than ever to get music to broadcast at your place of business and not have to pay a performance royalty license to ASCAP, BMI or PRS. Of course you can download the songs on my site and play them for free if you play the credit sounder or  link to me from your Website. More info: click here.

Another service, I just read about in this article MusicRevolution Launches Internet Music Stream For Businesses. For a fee that is the fraction of the cost of a performing rights license, you can get an Internet stream of high quality music from selected artists in the music revolution library. This way you can get unlimited background tracks for a basic monthly fee.

Music Revolution also has royalty free songs in genres like blues, world, Christmas and anything else you can think of. So they are another good option for licensing production music rights for your videos, films, Web and TV programs.

Here is a silly video about the importance of using music for on hold, however it has some good points such as “studies show” that without music on hold callers will hang up after one minute:

Here are some other interesting articles about the performing rights organizations that will charge you for using their artists’ music:

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How Do Musicians Get Paid When The Music Is Played On Pandora or Sirius Radio

Appeals court tosses ASCAP fees

ASCAP Loses Its Anti-Digital Music Lawsuit

Royalty Free Music Loops Controversy

Interesting story in the news this week about Steve Angello of the act Swedish House Mafia using royalty free music loops in his recording of the track “KNAS”.

There is some controversy over whether or not it is artistic to create tracks using loops from a royalty free music library. In fact this MTV article even goes as far as to interview Angello and get his view on the debate.

Ha! MTV is dreadfully behind the times and misses the point. There are millions of tracks all over the world that are created using royalty free loop libraries. Beatportal.com is the site that “caught” Angello doing this and they make no judgment on his creativity or integrity.

Using loops is simply what Music Producers and DJs do. Sound Designers and Musicians create loops – Producers mix, master and market a finished track. It’s the new division of labor in the 21st century music industry.

What I say to people who think using loops is inartistic is – try mixing up a track like KNAS yourself and then decide if it takes talent or not. In fact, I always encourage people to try out making their own music using legally cleared royalty free music loops from Sony ACID and PowerFx.

This piece gives me the chills and getting that effect, is all in the mix…not in the loops.

Steve Angello’s KNAS: Uses Royalty Free Music Loops

Free Commercial Music for Advertising Jingles at Tribe of Noise

Tribe of Noise is a service that provides free commercial music from independent artists that you can use under a creative commons share alike license. Its a very elegant site with allot of international composers.

You have to register to listen and download Mp3s. Additionally, make sure you understand the creative commons share alike license, which is different that the more simple attribution licensing, like I use.

So if you need some background music for a video advertisement or jingle, and can not find what you need on my site, then check them out. The music spans many genres like rock, jazz and hip hop.

Tribe of Noise Free Commercial Music: Introduction Video

Free Music for Video from Paskal-IMC

I just found another site that has free music for video which has a creative license. Check out Paskal-IMC and take a listen if you can’t find what you need in my music library.

It looks like you can download the songs as MP3s just like my site and use it as background music in your videos. They have about 30 clips you can use as intros, outros, loops and bumpers. They also have a few complete downloadable songs.

Free Music for Video Trailer from YouTube

Songs You Can Download from Top MP3 Sites Legally and for Free: Plus iTunes vs. Amazon Video

I compose my own royalty free songs but of course I am also a music fan. So I want to tell you about the top sites I love where you can download and listen to new MP3 songs from popular artists legally and for free.

Songs for Free at the Amazon.com MP3 Store

Right now there are 2,178 free mp3 downloads available at the Amazon.com Mp3 store. Incredibly, many of them are tracks from hit artists including Beyoncé, Suzanne Vega, The Doobie Brothers, Sufjan Stevens, Ziggy Marley and Jeff Beck. I’m not sure why record companies would do this, but at the end of the day it must be to promote their latest album or a CD that needs a boost in sales. Amazon.com MP3 Store

songs - download free mp3Free Song Downloads on Spinner.com

Spinner.com has a free MP3 of the day page. They set this up in a blog style and every day post about a new song you can download. These are mostly hip indie type bands that you have probably not heard of. However, if you are the exploring mind type like myself then you will love the opportunity to grab these files and make mixes. Spinner.com

Free Daily Song Download on MP3.com

Since MP3.com is a major hot spot, top artists like Maroon 5, David Gray, The Smashing Pumpkins, Willie Nelson, Weezer and Radiohead actually release some of their hit songs for free. Plus they post really leading-edge material like an ambient version of a Justin Bieber song which a producer slowed down by 800% – wild! MP3.com

Video: iTunes Versus Amazon MP3 – As mentioned in the video, I also prefer Amazon for the MP3 file format.

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How to License Background Music for Restaurants, Pubs, Stores, Hotels and Other Businesses


I’ve been reading about how music can help increase performance, productivity and efficiency in the workplace and that 71% of employees want to listen to music at work.

I discovered this when I learned some businesses are using my royalty free background music for restaurants, in pubs, hotels and shops so that they do not have to pay performance royalties licensing fees to performance rights organizations like ASCAP and BMI.

But in reality, most customers want to hear the latest hit music. In that case, for instance if you are in the UK, you will need to license music from PRS. Check out the PRS/PPL site for more great information on properly licensing background music. If you are in the US you can start at the ASAP licensing page and or go to the BMI site.

It turns out there is a legal requirement to pay royalties for businesses who play the radio, or music on music background systems, in order to lighten the mood, bring up morale at work or increase consumer retention.

A music licence for businesses is really not complicated, from what I understand there is a yearly flat fee that will be calculated by the performance right organization to use background music for stores.

If you are new to performance right licensing check out this great explanation from Todd Brabec, Vice President at ASCAP. I license my music via creative commons and do not charge these licensing fees, but almost all other commercial music in the world requires it, so its important to understand.

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Music for Websites from Pro Royalty Free Loop Producer DJ Puzzle

Music for WebsitesDJ Puzzle is a professional producer who creates royalty free loops for Sony ACID, Garageband, Ableton Live and Propellerheads Reason. (All great software for creating your own music by the way). His tracks sound incredible.

Fortunately I found his “Free Music for Websites” page at PeaceLoveProductions.com and all he asks in his terms is that you credit him. All files are high quality wavs which is a really generous offering.

Additional, DJ Puzzle provides a great tutorial on How to Add Music to Websites. Check out this music video featuring his work:

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