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Short Film Making Course: Festivals, Contests and Oscars

Short films are not just any film. They are unique projects and you need a different approach for them.

Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Martin Scorsese, Jared Hess and James Wan all made short films at first. They got recognized for these early in their careers and went on to make features.

Here are some guidelines from the short film making course you can watch below:

• The best length is less than 10 minutes due to film festival scheduling. 15 minutes is ok and the max is 40 minutes.

• Quick exposition. Let the viewers know what is going on really fast. Its simpler to show the story than to explain it. Well, it’s like the movie called “21” starred by Jim Sturgess, they shot the scenes in uk casino.

• If you are thinking of making a feature from the concept, then take one scene from it that works on its own, and make the short from that. This can help you interest investors for a feature.

• Use the short film to test techniques and skills like new special effects.

• Keep in mind that you will be able to submit to online video contests and win cash prizes with top rated casino app.

• Also, remember that you can submit to certain film festivals and actually get nominated for the Oscars.

For complete information check out this short film making course from Indy Mogul:

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