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Free Film Studies at Ghetto Film School Online


The academy award nominated director, Spike Jones, has been invited to the Ghetto Film School, to offer a free online film studies Master Class for the Ghetto Film School. This is a unique program where young filmmakers from around the world get together in order to discuss more about filmmaking and storytelling. Spike Jones accepted their invitation and held a conference, talking about this business and about the main challenges that they need to overcome. He responded to several questions and he gave them a creative assignment created by himself.

The first lesson he wanted to share with them was that every actor is different, so each one of them works differently. This is why a director should know how to give specific notes. Jones showed them the importance of the rehearsal, not only because they get to repeat together and see how it works out, but mainly because during that period the coworkers get to bond with each other, creating friendships and developing a common language. In this way, they’ll be able to get a better understanding of each other while working together at a project.

When it comes to the writing part, Jones had an interesting insight, saying that it’s essential to share the writing with the others. In this way they will not only get the others’ feedback, but they will also get their own feedback. He emphasized that by sitting down and telling someone a story, he gets the opportunity to actually hear it out loud. Therefore, he may hear what works and what doesn’t work. The same thing happens with the test screening. So those who want to work in this industry should share their ideas.

Working in the film industry may be exciting, especially because people get to do what they like. A great advice was the necessity to choose role models and to focus on great movies. He exemplified by saying that whenever he sees a great movie, he keeps it alive in his mind, taking it everywhere. Such a movie may rest in his mind for a week, a month, or even years. In this way, whenever he will need inspiration, he will go back to that movie.

Another essential thing that can be related to any kind of activity, and not only with filmmaking, is definitely the ability to make friends. After all, coworkers spend a lot of time together and it’s important to work in a relaxed and friendly environment. Besides the work with his team, he also likes to get the opinion of a group of writers and directors, mainly because he loves their work. Thus, he values their opinions so he tries to get a feedback whenever he finishes a script or when he’s editing a movie.

Between the questions posed during this conference, there has been a question about story boards. Jones expressed his personal opinion about these, by saying that they are important as long as there is a complicated sequence. Otherwise, there are many sources of inspiration and one shouldn’t stay too focused on a fixed idea.

What is Getting an Online Music Education Masters Degree Like?

Wondering what getting an online music education masters degree is like? I found this video from a graduate very interesting…

Laurel Reckert from Lincoln, MA earned her Master’s Degree of Music Education in May of 2007. Reckert raves about the flexibility that the online degree allowed her to have in her daily life, claiming that it was “unsurpassable.” Plenty of her classmates that she attended the online classes with had children at home, ranging in a variety of ages from babies to high-school aged children.

The flexibility that the online degree program allowed them to have gave them time to earn their degree and still give their children the attention they deserved. The Music Degree program that Reckert attended took a look at the skills that a Music Educator would need and geared their classes towards building these skills in the students. This helped Reckert tremendously in her professional field, as the class equipped her with the skills that she would need in her line of work.

Reckert also claims that the Boston University Online Classes will challenge your entire being, from a social standpoint and an academic standpoint, and the classes overall are incredibly worthwhile. Students come out of the classes a better, more skillful person. Unlike many people think, online classes do allow students to meet quite a few fantastic people along the way, and many of these people end up being great connections for work later on in life. Reckert states that one of the greatest benefits that the online classes allowed her to have was the ability to talk to other music teachers along the way.

Reckert highly recommends Boston Online University to anyone who is looking to earn a degree online, especially those individuals who have to balance home, work and school, since online degrees offer students the flexibility that they need. Reckert ends the interview by saying that she was inspired by the program overall.

Music Resource Sites for Teachers: Naxos Music Library Review and Tutorial

I get allot of educators coming to my site to use my free creative commons music  for students.  That’s why I thought I would write about the Naxos Music Library which is one of the most tremendous resource sites for teachers online.

This music library has tens of thousands of classical, jazz and world music tracks. You can browse recordings by composer and read discographies as well as biographies about them. You can also browse by genre and record label as shown in this video.

One of the best resources for teachers on the site is the preplanned music curriculum outlines. Ideally as a teacher, you would request your institution to sign up for a subscription for the service so your students can log in and listen to pieces in the educational programs.

Video Overview of the Naxos Music Library – One of the Best Sites for Teachers

This is a very professional tutorial video showing how to search, play and download tracks. Visit the Naxos Music Library.

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