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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

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How to Get Hold Music

More and more businesses are using my music for music on hold so I have learned allot about the industry : ) Let me know if you need any help or if you have questions!

Why Use Music on Hold?

“Music on hold” is the music that is played while you are placed on hold during a call to a customer service department of large, medium and small companies around the world.

The main purpose of music on hold is to provide a pleasant listening experience while the customer waits for his or her customer service rep—instead of leaving the customer in complete silence. So music on hold is an effective way of letting the customer know that the call is still active and that a customer service representative is available!

Music Sources for Phone Systems

Most music on hold systems are integrated into an automated telephone system where very little actual human control is needed. The majority of music on hold tunes are already pre-recorded.

Newer forms of technology and more modern systems use MP3 digital music files (see below video) or music streamed from the internet. These can be updated daily in order to provide a diverse mix.

If you want to know how to get hold music, there are many sources such as radio, CDs, custom-designed music on hold files and voice overs that provide information about the company.

In terms of radio, most music on hold systems play mainstream tracks or previous hits. Radio stations can be directly connected to some music on hold systems as well. A better source of hold music is individual CDs which provide a long continuous source of tracks and more control over what is being played.

Voice overs that are integrated into music on hold systems usually have motivational phrases so that the customer does not feel the need to hang up. Typical messages include  “Please stay on the line, your call is very important to us” or any other similar phrase that may keep the customer’s attention. Voice overs usually interrupt the music that is being played in order to remind the person on hold that his or her call will be assisted by a customer service representative.

Another important aspect of music on hold is the style of music that is played, which mainly depends on the type of business you have. In the majority of cases, the style of music that is played is alternative rock, ambient, jazz or traditional music. Companies want their customers to feel relaxed and motivated to wait until their call gets assisted—so take that into consideration when choosing a style.

Legal Copyright and Customer Issues

There are many common legal and customer-oriented issues with music on hold as well. For instance, in many countries where copyright law is practiced, music on hold often infringes on copyright. That is why music on hold has to be unique and properly licensed by the business that will use it.

Another common issue with music on hold is the complaints of customers who do not like the music that is played. Companies can even lose customers due to the quality of music. Conversely, there are many customers who like to hear the music on hold—so put some thought into your choices!

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flickr.com/photos/jamescridland and flickr.com/photos/smoo/

Free Uncopyrighted Music from Public Domain 4 U

free uncopyrighted music

Finding tracks that are really free uncopyrighted music that suits your video, film, game or presentation is very difficult but not impossible. The songs on my site here for instance are free, but I do still own the copyright and I ask that you credit me or donate.

With public domain music however, you don’t need to credit anyone or pay for it to be legal. In many cases the musicians and composers have passed away. In some rare cases the owner is still alive but offers the music under public domain.

Music expert Joel Selvin is curator of public domain music at his site Public Domain 4 U. You can simply right click on the links and download songs that he has found that have no copyrights.

Just remember, no matter where you find Public Domain music, that you should still do a bit of research on the piece before you use it. This is just to make sure that the audio really is Public Domain.  Also, if the free uncopyrighted music is for commercial use you should run it by a lawyer. But if its just for personal YouTube videos or student film this may be a great alternative.

Video: How to Search for Free Uncopyrighted Music on Public Domain 4 U

Make Videos Online with Free Legal Stock Video and Music

One of the most forward-looking online applications I have tried is Masher.com. This site allows you to mix, mash and share a variety of professional video and music content, pre-cleared and legally.

For instance they have licensed a fairly large library of BBC video content that you can integrate with your own. The site is a bit buggy and has too much advertising, but I have experimented with creating a music video using Masher and I absolutely love it!

mix mash share create videos onlineThere are literally hundreds of millions of people online, myself included, who need fun, safe and legal ways to make highly professional content quickly in a user-friendly online program. Masher is not the only such program, also check out 20 Free Online Video Editing Tools.

It’s sites like Masher, as well as YouTube’s AudioSwap program and partnership with FriendlyMusic.com that present the possibility of a future where everyday people are not hassled by copyright cops and left with very few low cost options.

For instance here is a pretty cool video for a “green” site that looks to me like it was completely made with BBC stock video and the music library that is built right into Masher: Save Our Planet

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