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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

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Electronic Music Production & DJ School: Online, NYC and LA

Dubspot is a unique electronic music production and DJ school you may want to check out. They offer personalized programs that meet the needs of a wide range of students from those with just a spark of interest in the industry, to those who have been producing music for many years.

With campuses in Los Angeles, New York City, and Online, you have many options to find a location. The school fosters a creative environment that unites students with common interest to network and grow. The instructors at Dubspot come from all over the world. They have a wide range of diverse musical backgrounds, are very creative and encourage their student to discover innovative paths in the industry. For example, Silent Events, which has become a phenomenon because of the multiple ways to enjoy it. Silent parties have become a movement and a revolution of sort and electronic music is one of the types of music at the heart of them.

The equipment at Dubspot is state of the art and students are able to experience a diverse range of high-tech equipment. This is a hands on program where students get to use nearly every piece of equipment currently on the market for electronic music production.

Students don’t have to wait until they are done with the program to get to work. Dubspot encourages them to go out and start producing. By the time they finish the program, nearly all of the students at Dubspot have had real world experience turning their dreams into a reality.

Students that come to Dubspot with a vision in mind of where they would like to go and what path of music production they would like to choose are already on the right track. They sit down with instructors and find a way to make those dreams a reality. Dubspot is about the students finding a way to express their own musical and creative talent, whether that be music production, an artist, or a silent party in the heart of Chicago.

Music is fun and can be enjoyed as a career or just a hobby. Either way, chase your dreams and enjoy life!

Top 5 Online Electronic Music Radio Stations

It’s difficult to find really good streaming radio to listen to on the computer. So I put together this list of the top 5 online electronic music radio stations that I like! You can also stream my electronic music : )

Proton Radio

Featuring some of the latest online electronic music radio singles, Proton Radio is on the forefront of the internet radio scene. Boasting a powerful combination of electronic dance favorites along with superb DJs who are entertaining, informative and don’t get in the way of the music. You can listen to the live feed for free or become a subscriber and listen to all of their shows on demand.

Established in 2001, Proton Radio boasts over 100 original shows broadcasting all day and all night with a focus on introducing great new talent in the electronic music scene. For the best in electronic music on the internet, Proton Radio is definitely on top.


Straight from The Netherlands, EclecticRadio features the hottest dance and house music around, offering a world-wide audience along with artist from all parts of the globe as well. ElectricRadio recently revamped its entire 2012 line-up to bring you the best in electronic music.

More than just an internet radio station, EclecticRadio is also an artist and event management agency bringing you the total package in electronic music entertainment. This bold approach ensures that ElectricRadio will be a real force over the foreseeable future as they are expanding their radio shows to bring even more into the electronic music scene for your entertainment.


Provides a number of great DJs hosting electronic dance music shows 24/7, UZIC features bold, fresh electronic music that fills the internet with new, exciting talent. Located in Geneva, Switzerland, UZIC has become one of the leading electronic music radio sources in the world.

A great combination of established artists along with new talent makes UZIC one of the great forces in today’s electronic music scene. Having been established several years ago, UZIC also has one of the finest lineups of DJ talent in the industry today; hosting vivid, exciting shows while staying out of the way of the music.


Electronic music of the people, by the people and definitely for the people, Mugasha has taken the unique approach of allowing you, the listener to create their own podcast and have it broadcasted on Mugasha. If you are an aspiring DJ then this is your chance to shine on one of the best electronic music stations on the internet.

Mugasha also provides easy to use features such as their app you can download for your mobile device to let you hear the best in the latest music when you want, where you want. Offering new sets of material you may have never heard with popular sets of your favorites, Mugasha stands at the forefront of today’s electronic music scene.


Since 2004 Beatport has been delivering the best in online electronic music radio. Featuring premium digital formats and combining the best in new talent along with showcasing the favorites, Beatport has carved out a unique niche in the electronic music scene.

Every week the DJs update the lineup with new, exciting electronic music with hundreds of fresh tracks, many from artists just making their name on the scene. 24/7 you can hear new, exciting music sent straight to your computer or mobile device. From their studios in Denver, Colorado and Berlin, Germany, Beatport has become one of the internet favorites for showcasing the best in electronic music.

Beat Making Software: Why DUBturbo, ACID and Soundation Change Everything

DUBturbo, ACID and Soundation are complete set ups for making professional rap, techno r&b, hip hop or any other beats. This is easy software that is fast to use and it makes broadcast quality beats like a pro DJ, for real.

Any level artist, producer or DJ can use the software and create hit style music. It really does lower the entry in terms of cost and skills. Plus DUBturbo includes video training. So you just need a great ear and a vision.

If you have played around with basic drum and beat machines you know that most of them sound really bad. That is especially true if the beat maker uses poor sound quality files like Mp3s. You have to always build your beats with wavs like DUBturbo, ACID and Soundation do.

When you have the right software and high end samples you will be surprised to see just how easy it is to create tracks that are radio-ready. Previously the problem here was the cost of the software and samples. However now these beat-making programs solve that problem.

The real bottom line here is the ability to make music that is high enough quality for people to want to pay you for it.


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