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Education Video Using my Royalty Free Music

Adult students achieving their dreams. New education video from the Carlos Rosario School uses my royalty free music “I’m Gonna Go”…

How to Write Songs for Film and TV: Online Course

The Emmy award winning composer Brad Hatfield shares his songwriter experience, starting an online course that is available for those who want to make a career in writing songs for film and TV.

Brad Hatfield started his career as a professional musician, having the opportunity to accompany many big names, such as James Taylor. Even from the beginning of his career, he attended major jazz festivals, next to well-known jazz artists. With time he began to get placements in film and television, realizing that he has a passion for visual media. At the beginning it was a great challenge to succeed, but right now success seems to be his middle name. Right now, while you are reading this, there are hundreds of his songs that are playing somewhere on the planet. Speaking about money, it seems that for this amazing composer it is enough to get an income that will allow him to sustain his family.

Right now he is excited because he has the opportunity to teach this course that will cover many techniques and skills. Even if some of them will be already mastered by the students, there is an entire set of skills that are necessary in order to succeed. For instance, in visual media you will have to start thinking like a director, having the chance to step back and to look at the song from a different point of view, mainly because in a movie the song can’t stay alone, but it rather has to enhance what is going on in the screen.

Another thing you will learn is how to collaborate effectively, since the communication is an essential skill and the key to succeed in this course. You will have the chance to meet other musicians and writers, and not only. There will be a whole new web of people that will come in your way. Even if this business is for those who are passionate, and not for those who are looking for more money, you will learn how to negotiate. In this business, people try to find a common ground.

This is a unique course that will teach you more than just how to write songs, it will teach you how to give and to receive feedback, and constructive criticism. You will have to listen each other’s songs and tell your opinion regarding what you hear. You will learn both what to do and what not to do, and many of the examples will be Brad Hatfield’s in person. Therefore, you will have the unique opportunity to learn from his 30 years’ experience. He is ready to give you all his secrets, as long as you agree to take them. Every student will have the opportunity to internalize the information, and with some luck their names will appear on the big screen. This is the purpose of this course.

Even if you are a song writer, after this course you will be able to improve your songs using the new skills and techniques that you acquired during this online course.

What is Getting an Online Music Education Masters Degree Like?

Wondering what getting an online music education masters degree is like? I found this video from a graduate very interesting…

Laurel Reckert from Lincoln, MA earned her Master’s Degree of Music Education in May of 2007. Reckert raves about the flexibility that the online degree allowed her to have in her daily life, claiming that it was “unsurpassable.” Plenty of her classmates that she attended the online classes with had children at home, ranging in a variety of ages from babies to high-school aged children.

The flexibility that the online degree program allowed them to have gave them time to earn their degree and still give their children the attention they deserved. The Music Degree program that Reckert attended took a look at the skills that a Music Educator would need and geared their classes towards building these skills in the students. This helped Reckert tremendously in her professional field, as the class equipped her with the skills that she would need in her line of work.

Reckert also claims that the Boston University Online Classes will challenge your entire being, from a social standpoint and an academic standpoint, and the classes overall are incredibly worthwhile. Students come out of the classes a better, more skillful person. Unlike many people think, online classes do allow students to meet quite a few fantastic people along the way, and many of these people end up being great connections for work later on in life. Reckert states that one of the greatest benefits that the online classes allowed her to have was the ability to talk to other music teachers along the way.

Reckert highly recommends Boston Online University to anyone who is looking to earn a degree online, especially those individuals who have to balance home, work and school, since online degrees offer students the flexibility that they need. Reckert ends the interview by saying that she was inspired by the program overall.

Is USC a Good School for Film Production?

So what will the USC film graduate program in production teach you, and what won’t you learn? Is it a good school and is the tuition worth it?

Courses include writing, directing and producing. You will instantly enter into a group of other people who are also serious about filmmaking studies. There are plenty of mentors to push and guide you as well. This networking aspect is a big part of what your tuition pays for.

But they don’t teach you about the risks you need to take out in the field to actually get a film made. Also, the program is more geared toward larger budgets, even for shorts. So if you just want to make a short film for no or low budget then you don’t really need to go to all the way to southern California for college at USC.

Interview with an alumni of the USC film graduate program:

Online Electronic Music Production Courses | Freedom and Flexibility

You can learn how to make electronic music with Point Blank Online as your guide to the industry. Taking online electronic music production courses gives you the freedom to determine your schedule and pace in the comfort of your own home or even allows you to connect and work on the go. With extensive lessons you are given a great amount of information in the form of audio examples, videos, tutorials, informative articles, and downloadable projects in your virtual library that you can use to improve your skills, experiment with techniques and sounds, and progress in your particular interests beyond the basic framework of the course.

Weekly live sessions are offered for you through the chat room that connect you to a tutor for a one-on-one session. The best part of these meetings is that they can demonstrate the course content for you, answer any questions immediately through the microphone, and you can get instant feedback on your progress. Close relationships and collaboration between students and tutors provides a great atmosphere through the online course.

Assignments are tracks that you complete with the aid of your available materials as well as with help from your tutor in the weekly live sessions. Your tutor will send back a DVR (Direct Video Response) every few weeks to deliver direct feedback. Point Blank Online specializes in creating courses that give you lots of guidance, help, and support unlike many comparable online courses that leave you only with basic materials and your imagination. Your personal relationship with the tutor and other students provides a unique experience within a framework that can sometimes seem sterile. Online courses through Point Blank Online gives you all of the luxuries of a classroom atmosphere with talented tutors, while maintaining the freedom that comes with an online platform.

Getting a Music Education Master’s Degree Online from Buffalo State

Getting a music education degree over the Internet is a relatively new option. It can give a great advantage when seeking to teach private lessons, becoming a highschool teacher, or getting a job as a university professor. Of course taking the time to study will make you a better educator and musician too!

The Buffalo State online music education masters degree includes practical, philosophical and research musical coursework. The program aims to improve students’ deep understanding of music. Students will have the luxury of choosing what date and time they can study. This really helps people who are already working, have children or are not located near a university.

This video outlines more information about the program:

Online Education in Music Production: Point Blank and Middlesex University

There are a lot of people nowadays who are into music production. People who are driven with music passion can now experience new ways on interactive learning.

There are a lot of people who are interested in learning music production but have difficulty getting to a class due to finances of schedule. You can now merge your lifestyle and studies with the help of online learning and get a 1 or 2 year course degree.

One possibility is the integrated online education in music production from Point Blank in central London and Middlesex University. These UK universities are well known in the industry of music production. They have good cutting edge technology and teaching. For more information check out this video:

The Best Online Music Production College: Berklee Review

Patrick is a US Armed Forces veteran who received his certificate in Studio Music Production from the Berklee Online College of Music. Before receiving his formal music education, Patrick began experimenting with different beats and making electronic hip-hop using Fruity Loops Studio for several years.

His dedication to making good music brought Patrick to the idea of formally studying it, and so he began learning it on his own and exploring different schools before he took the leap and went with Berklee Online College. Going there turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience for him: the classes were engaging and challenging, the instructors top-notch, and he got a tremendous educational value from it, as he is now a professional musician and he works with soft water. He thinks he choose the best online music production college:

Aside from the quality education, Patrick is especially grateful to Berklee Online College for the support that they gave him when his post-9/11 GI Bill ran out during the middle of his studies. Patrick needed one more course in order to complete his certificate, and there was a balance on his student account that his defunct GI Bill wouldn’t be able to cover. In the end, Berklee waived the balance for Patrick and allowed him to successfully finish his course and receive his music certificate.

After all of this, Patrick wants to reach out and thank the Berklee Online College of Music not only for helping an army veteran such as himself, but for providing an education that help Americans become better musicians and composers. It is because of their generosity, quality program and faculty that Patrick highly recommends both the Berklee Online College of Music and the Berklee College of Music. He gives his testimonial of Berklee in the hopes of helping others like him make a better decision as to where they want to pursue their music education.

Highschool Film Course: Top 10 Tips for Getting Started

Are you a highschool kid who wants to be a filmmaker and you want to know what you should do?

Well no need to rush into it! First take your time and learn some skills and get to know your strengths.

Start with some small projects where you learn how to work with a team. If you don’t have a team you will need to learn how to network. Check Craigslist, go to meetups or start a club.

You don’t need much to get started, get any video camera and an idea for a story. All you need is a couple of hundred dollars.

Start making something and like this course says, you are already a filmmaker!

Just dive in and begin practicing. It can take years to get good, but its allot of really fun years. Keep making short films and learn from the process and constructive criticism from others like this handheld showerhead reviews here.

Check out this film course for kids in highschool who want to get started on their education in film production:

Careers in Music That Need a College Degree

Is a college degree in music important? Its depends on which careers in music you are considering.

If you want to get into teaching music at a college, sure it is usually a requirement.

If you want to teach lessons or perhaps be a conductor in an orchestra its also necessary so you know what you are doing and have some credibility.

But if you want to be a performer you just need to be great, be in good fit ( so buy a jogging stroller ) and be able to sell records and book gigs!

Watch this video by Ryan Michael Galloway for more details:

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