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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

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Where to Get Free Soundtracks to Download

Downloading music is a tricky issue these days. With internet authorities acting fast to shut down illegal music downloads sites, you have to be careful where you get your music files from. One wrong move and you could end up in more trouble than you bargained for.

However, you could just want to get free soundtracks to download for your art project or school assignment. Well there allot of free music sites on the web.  First check out my music and then here are several more  sites with safe high quality music and a good selection:


This site has a large selection of free production tracks to choose from, and you only have to click on your selected track to download it. Sample tracks on the site’s database, and if you like it, you may be able to use the track. If it is offered under the Creative Commons license, you may be free to copy and distribute tracks.


Like the title suggests, this site has a variety of great quality remixes to choose for your production. Downloads are free and legal, and you have wide selection of music genres to choose from. You can rip, download, remix or share tracks, all for free.


Another free music site that allows you sample free tracks online. All music on the site is royalty free, and the easy to navigate website makes it a joy to make use of.


This site allows you to upload your own original or remixed track after registration, thus increasing the volume of music you have at your disposal. Download music in order to play, and browse from one of the largest free music databases on the internet.

Top 3 Free Online Sound Effect Download Libraries

If you are a film enthusiast and enjoy shooting, editing, and splicing films or videos you are probably always on the lookout for good free sounds. There are lots of good sound effect websites that you can visit to find exactly what you’re looking for. Here are the top 3 free online sound effect download libraries with Mp3s and wavs including some of their most notable qualities. Start at the top and work your way down to find the sound that you’re looking for.

Freesound.org. This is a massive database of sound effects and there are new ones uploaded daily. The majority of the sounds are created by users so they are organic and original, unlike those out of a sound stock collection. Look for public domain licensing so that you can use it for any project and note that attribution and non-commercial licenses restrict what you can use the sound for. They also have one of the largest collections of room tones or ambient noise tracks that you can use to fill in the audio of a scene or contribute to the ambience of a location.

Soundbible.com. Here’s another that is on par with Free Sound. However, to make things extra easy for you they’ve separated their sounds into more categories so they’re easier to search. There’s even a royalty free sound category so that you can be sure to avoid sounds outside of that category if you’re going to monetize your project.

Sweetsoundeffects.com. These high quality sounds are available for download in packs. Simply put in your email address and you’ll be able to download the packs that you want. Plus, there’s a whole section for sounds from movies so that you can download lightsaber effects, for example. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can submit a request for a sound and you may see it available for download in the future.

Still searching for the perfect sounds? You can also check out soundjay.com, soungle.com, jojikiba.com, and soundeffectsfactory.com!

Free Music for Broadcast You Can Use Legally

There is an exceptionally high demand for free music for broadcast right now and that is why I created my free music library. For instance, developers of smartphone applications and games often seek free or low cost background music for broadcast, as do the people who host Internet radio shows. With such a high demand, this begs the question: How does one find free music for broadcast that you can use legally?

First, we need to understand the legalities of music. The fact is, when a person writes music or lyrics, they own the copyright over their art. Typically, a musician will utilize a service such as ASCAP or BMI, which oversees the use of their copyrighted material, and pays the artist residuals. Of course, there are different costs for commercial applications, such as advertising or video games, and in these cases, details are worked out on a case-by-case basis. By in large, though, any time an artist’s music is broadcast, they are entitled to some sort of residual. Whoever is airing the music logs it on a cue sheet and then submits it to ASCAP or BMI, which will then pay appropriate royalties to the artist.

When considering free music for broadcast, it is important to draw a distinction between “free” and “royalty-free.” Options for truly free music for broadcast are exceedingly limited, which makes sense. People want to be recognized and paid for their work. As the demand has risen, there are now options for royalty-free music for broadcast, which is quite different than free.

Here’s how royalty-free music for broadcast works: There are services that act as libraries for artists that opt-in. Customers browse the catalog for the music that suits their needs, and then pay a one-time fee for use of the chosen music. Oftentimes, these services require that a user fill out a cue sheet, just as they would for ASCAP or BMI, but there are no recurring charges to use the royalty-free music for broadcast.

There is a caveat to royalty-free music for broadcast. Depending on the type of use, there may also be an extra fee. For instance, the basic fee will cover all use in smartphone apps, Online games, YouTube videos, etc. If the song is being used in advertising, there will be an extra fee, which may depend on whether it’s national or local. The highest fees are for commercial, theatrical use, in movies and plays. Although there is very little free music for broadcast available, there is a great deal of royalty-free music, and the total fees depend on the scope of the use.

Although it’s very hard to find truly, 100% free music for broadcast, it’s very easy to find royalty-free music for broadcast. A simple Google search for “free music for broadcast” yields multiple services that work directly with the artists, ASCAP and BMI. Although the user may have to fill out and submit a cue sheet, they will never have to pay another royalty or fee. It is never okay to take and use an artist’s music, especially for commercial purposes, and the new royalty-free music for broadcast services have made it much simpler to find and use what you need, for very low costs.

The Best Stock Music Websites for YouTube Channels and Partners

Here is a great video that explains in plain terms the reasons you need to use royalty free music if you want to become a YouTube partner or have a channel. Its from DearNaptural85’s YouTube channel who says she previously had big issues with using copyrighted music.

You need to own all you content in your YouTube videos if you want become a partner. She explains that buying music from iTunes and Amazon does not give you the right to distribute and display the music – just to listen to it.

But using my music or music from a site like RoyaltyFreeMusic.com allows you to not only buy the music, but to also include it in your videos, websites and other projects that you can improve if you get the right seo company to optimize your sites. She likes some tracks on Beat Suite even though the downloads are not cheap. Pond 5 is her favorite saying the music is incredible and cheap.

DearNaptural85 also gives tips on how to handle the YouTube web forms regarding the use of music in your videos, in order to ensure your video does not get deactivated.

Tips on the Best Stock Music Websites for YouTube Channels

Guide to Finding Legal Royalty Free MP3 Music for YouTube Video Backgrounds

If you have checked out all of my music, and can’t find what you need, here are a few ways to find tracks from indie musicians that may be able to be used under a creative commons license. Or you may be able to get permission from the artist to use the track for free if you can offer them exposure in your video.

Finding free music that you can use on YouTube can be challenging, but it can be done. Free music can be downloaded online from a multitude of areas that you can use in your YouTube video without running the risk of having it removed due to copyright. Always check the terms of the site or send an email directly to the artist to make sure it is legal (you have permission) to use the music:

1. Search MP3 Blogs. MP3 blogs upload music for their readers to download and use. Some popular MP3 blogs are Stereogum, Gorilla vs. Bear, You Ain’t No Picasso, So Much Silence, The Rap Up, Digital Eargasm, and Aquarium Drunkard. It’s free and you can use an aggregator to find which MP3 blogs you want and have the music you want to use.

One such aggregator, The Hype Machine, allows you to search based on artist name or song title. A list of results will appear and you can choose which blog posts best fit your search.

Another aggregator you can use is Elbo.ws. You type in the name of the song or artist in the “Keyword” search box. Find the one that best fits your search and at the top of the list, click on “Tracks.” This link will bring up a lost of the tracks that match your search. You can then click on one to view the blog post and download the song you want.

2. Use Del.icio.us. This social networking site allows you to create a custom search. You can do this if you type in http://del.icio.us/tag/system:filetype:mp3, and this will bring up a list of all the MP3s on the site. You can search for more specific songs by adding “+Artist Name” to the end of the URL link. Click a link to play the track and then right click on it to select “Save Link As” so you can download the file. Many of these are legal promotional MP3s that are links directly to the artists site.

3. Use Bit-Torrent. Bit-Torrent allows users to share files, which will allow you to download free music. Choose a Bit-Torrent client to download and install. Find .torrent files to download the music you want. Once the download is finished, visit The Pirate Bay and click on “Browse Torrents,” then “Audio.” The list will show all the files you can download. To download a song, click on the file and your Bit-Torrent program will download the song. Lots of artists upload legal creative commons music to bit-torrent, I myself distribute through Mininova.

4. Use Peer-to-Peer Networks. Some examples of peer-to-peer networks are LimeWire, Morpheus, SoulSeek. Others include Gnutella and ED2K. Find a peer-to-peer network you want to install and download it. Once it’s installed, you can create a shared files folder to download and share music on the program. You can find many independent unsigned artists who may let you use their music for the exposure.

5. Use royalty free music sites. Certain sites like Jamendo, Opsound, and Dig.ccMixter allow you to download songs from artists for free. There are no royalties and only some companies make you pay for certain tracks. Some of these sites allow artists and musicians to upload music for others to download and listen to. Jamendo is free to join and lets you download songs in MP3 or OGG files. Jamendo also lets you buy a commercial license for the track. Opsound doesn’t even require you to join to download songs.

6. Use MagnaTune. Although this royalty free music archive requires you to register and pay $15 a month for access, you can use this site to upload songs to your videos as long as you give attribution to the original author and to MagnaTune. Although it’s not completely free, you can still upload your videos onto YouTube with no fear of having them taken down or removed because of copyright issues. This will probably be one of the easiest and less risky options for your video uploading needs.

To find more places, just search online “royalty free music for videos” and a list of sites that let you download free music and sites that show you where to find these sites will appear.

You want to make sure that the music you are trying to upload isn’t coming from a commercialized program like iTunes, Rhapsody, etc., because at times YouTube recognizes these and will not post, or will disable the video because of copyright issues.

Although it’s not easy to find royalty free music online that you can use in YouTube videos without running the risk of having them removed for copyright, you can do it (thousands of other people do). By using these methods to download music, you should never run out of options for your videos.

All the best, have fun with your videos and peace always.


Make Youtube Videos with Windows Movie Maker: Clip Editing Tutorial

I found this really nice professional tutorial on using Windows Movie Maker to edit your clips and make Youtube videos. If you want to import audio into your movie check out my royalty free music on my home page for download-able mp3 music files.

You can download Moviemaker from Microsoft here for free and I think it works on any computer with Windows – XP, Vista, 7, etc. The program has some built in effects and transitions you can use in your movies. Even though this is free software it still works well, even for professionals in some cases.

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Magix Music Maker | Create Royalty Free Songs for Video and Movies

Magix Music Maker is a simple music studio software program you can use to create your own music for your videos. It comes with royalty free loops, a beatmaker, a variety of native instrument samples, mixer and editor.

The below video shows you how to get started making your own beats. It also demonstrates the creation of a basic composition by “painting on” and arranging loops.

You might also want to try using Sony ACID and Soundation, but Magix Music Maker has an “easy mode” that is really good for total beginners new to making their own music.

Magix Music Maker: Royalty Free So You Can Use the Songs for Your Movies

Click here to see the latest Magix Music Maker programs

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Royalty Free Music Loops Controversy

Interesting story in the news this week about Steve Angello of the act Swedish House Mafia using royalty free music loops in his recording of the track “KNAS”.

There is some controversy over whether or not it is artistic to create tracks using loops from a royalty free music library. In fact this MTV article even goes as far as to interview Angello and get his view on the debate.

Ha! MTV is dreadfully behind the times and misses the point. There are millions of tracks all over the world that are created using royalty free loop libraries. Beatportal.com is the site that “caught” Angello doing this and they make no judgment on his creativity or integrity.

Using loops is simply what Music Producers and DJs do. Sound Designers and Musicians create loops – Producers mix, master and market a finished track. It’s the new division of labor in the 21st century music industry.

What I say to people who think using loops is inartistic is – try mixing up a track like KNAS yourself and then decide if it takes talent or not. In fact, I always encourage people to try out making their own music using legally cleared royalty free music loops from Sony ACID and PowerFx.

This piece gives me the chills and getting that effect, is all in the mix…not in the loops.

Steve Angello’s KNAS: Uses Royalty Free Music Loops

Music for Websites from Pro Royalty Free Loop Producer DJ Puzzle

Music for WebsitesDJ Puzzle is a professional producer who creates royalty free loops for Sony ACID, Garageband, Ableton Live and Propellerheads Reason. (All great software for creating your own music by the way). His tracks sound incredible.

Fortunately I found his “Free Music for Websites” page at PeaceLoveProductions.com and all he asks in his terms is that you credit him. All files are high quality wavs which is a really generous offering.

Additional, DJ Puzzle provides a great tutorial on How to Add Music to Websites. Check out this music video featuring his work:

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40 Free Royalty Free Instrumentals from Composer turned Filmmaker Peter John Ross

Peter John Ross is a noteworthy Composer turned Filmmaker with lots of interesting credits. He creates his own feature films and does lots of commercial production work.

Well he has a page with 40 free royalty free Instrumental tracks that he makes it very clear you have his permission to use:


Check out this interview with Peter John Ross, really hardworking guy, passionate about film:

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