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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

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How to Become a YouTube Partner: Benefits, Rewards and Money

If you are wondering how to become a YouTube partner and take advantage of the many benefits and rewards like earning money, it is incredibly simple, free, and easy. It offers some extra features for your account that you can use to make a better channel. Taking advantage of the perks of Youtube partnership gives you extra functionality on your Youtube videos, channel, and profile.

It’s very easy to verify your account to become a Youtube partner. Starting on your Youtube channel profile click on Dashboard from the drop down menu at the top of the page and then click on Channel Settings. This will then prompt you to verify your account. Select your country from the drop down menu and choose a method to receive your verification code. If you opt to receive it by text message you will put in your phone number, wait for the text message code, and then put it into the form. Click Submit and then Continue and your account with be verified as a Youtube partner.

When you return to your channel settings page you will see that there are more features marked green as available for use. As a Youtube partner you can add longer videos, create content ID, add external annotation, and choose a custom thumbnail. You don’t even have to have any views, subscribers, or videos to verify your account as a Youtube partner so you can start using these exclusive features from the get-go.

Note that verifying your account is different than monetizing it. Choosing to monetize your account is to enable your videos to earn money through ads, either before the video plays, in the side of the window, or over your video. You can also opt to stream live events, although that is not immediately enabled by the verification of your account.

9 Freeware Music Sites: Free Songs for Use on YouTube Videos

9 Freeware Music Sites  Free Songs for Use on YouTube VideosI get lots of questions about freeware music sites. If you have listened to my music and you still need more options, here are some suggestions for free songs for use on YouTube videos from Russell Hasenauer at Indy Mogul:

In this segment of “Friday 101” Russell tackles the often asked question of where to find free online music that users can legally add to their Youtube videos, movies, or other projects, you can see this pages even if you don’t know the language by using sites as Localizer.co that translate the site to your language. As a result, Russell presents his “Friday 101 Ultimate Awesome Free Music List F’Real 2012” along with a brief introduction to Creative Commons licenses.

All of the music sites that Russell presents in this episode of “Friday 101” provide free music. This is made possible by Creative Commons Licensing, which allows people to use content if they abide by the terms of the content’s creator. In doing this, the creator maintains the copyright on his or her own work. The only requirement for using Creative Commons music is that one needs to maintain the license of the creator’s choosing. While you can visit CreativeCommons.Org for more information, below is a synopsis of all the kinds of CC licenses you may encounter:

Attribution license: this is the simplest license to work with, because it allows you to do whatever you want with the work. You can alter it and use it for commercial purposes, and all you need to do is attribute it back to the original creator, usually with a link to the person’s page.

Share-alike license: This license stipulates that if you use a song or other piece of content, the work in which you use it should itself become a Creative Commons work. This means that if you use a song with a share-alike license for your movie, then your movie should also be available via Creative Commons.

NoDerivs license: This license stipulates song or content may be used in different projects, but that you cannot alter it in any way or remix it.

The last license is called the NonCommercial License, which allows free use of a piece of music (and it allows alterations), but only if that music will not be used for monetization purposes. If you plan to monetize your videos, be especially careful with these kinds of licenses.

In terms of finding great sources of free music for your videos, movies, and projects, Russell’s first suggestion is Kevin MacLeod from Incompetech. MacLeod has over 2,000 songs on his website, all of which are free to use for Youtube videos, commercials, or films. If you’re a Youtube partner using his music, you have the option to monetize your videos. MacLeod’s only requirement is that users give him credit for his work, whether in the movie titles or in the description of the uploaded video. MacLeod’s Incompetech is one of the largest music websites (providing the music for this very “Friday 101” video) that allow users to search for music by genre and by field.

In addition to MacLeod, Josh Woodward at JoshWoodward.com is another source for music. Woodward generally does acoustic music with lyrics, but one benefit of using his site is that almost all his songs have an instrumental version. This comes in handy when you’re making a movie and suddenly need to fade out the lyrics and only leave in the music.

Another source for a variety of free music is Free Music Archive. Because this particular site has many licenses, when searching for music, so do through the site’s search bar on the right-hand side. After clicking on “search music” you will get a search box, in which you should check off “commercial purposes” so that the results will give you songs that are fine to use for monetized projects.

Royalty Free Kings is another website that offers a wide selection of free music. When searching the site, Russell recommends that you scroll down the menu on the left-hand side of the website to find the free music section. If you use their music, be sure to give them credit and link back to their website. Be aware that they have a $250,000 budget cap, which means that if your project’s budget exceeds $250K, you cannot use their music for free.

Matt MacFarland at MattMacFarland is another easy-to-use website for free music. This is an attribution-only music website, and they sort their music according to the tempo. Audionautix, like Matt MacFarland, just requires you to place a link back to their website and currently features over 250 songs of different genres. Anthony Kozar also has a few tracks that may suit the tastes of those looking for experimental-sounding music.

FreeMusicForVideos is yet another site that offers free music for your video projects. They offer a wide selection and their interface is user-friendly. Another website recently found by Russell is BeatsRoyaltyFree. This website features all kinds of genres, but especially hip-hop and electronic beats. All music on this site is free to use commercially, unless the page from which you download the song states otherwise.

There are also new websites from which to choose. Make sure to contact the following artists first before using their music: The first is a group recommended by a viewer, Tyler Johnson, who recommends music by a group called Noize Index. The group makes a wide array of their music available through their YouTube page. There are two other SoundCloud pages worth mentioning: the first is by Abhilash Buch who owns the page, SoapandFoam and has created music for Indie Mogul. He’s recently made his music available for creative commons, along with his brother, Tanmay Buch at TanmayBuch. Tanmay also just opened up a music page available for Creative Commons usage.

Russell recommends that if you like the music all of the above artists provide, and find yourself using it over and over, you can donate a few dollars to them. The majority of these artists have a Paypal account linked to their music websites. An attribution, as well as a small monetary donation, is a great way to show your support. Below are a couple of videos that Abhilash scored for Russell, so you can get an idea of his work.

In addition, here is a list of all the above-mentioned sites. Make sure to check these sites carefully, as some rules may have changed since this video was filmed:


5 TV Theme Medleys You Can’t Miss


Just the simple act of hearing the opening music to a particular TV show can take you back-to watching it over dinner with your family, marathoning it with a drinking game with your college roommate, or curling up on a Sunday evening to relax with a glass of wine.

With good reason: from The Rembrandts crooning about how they’ll be there for you to Frasier singing about scrambled eggs, the TV show theme usually dictates the general feel of the whole program, giving you the gist, whether it’s a deadly serious costume drama or a rollicking, sour-hearted sitcom.

Some TV themes have gone on to be hugely popular and iconic in their own right- from The Wonder Years to The Big Bang Theory, they’ve become intrinsically linked to the time, place and feeling of the show. Like any other big musical phenomena, they’ve been prime fodder for the remixing masses of the internet to get their hands on, play with, and generally mash together in a rather pleasing way, as you’ll soon see…


FreddeGredde is a Swedish musician who does more mash-ups than one could comfortably shake a stick at, and here he sticks no less than twenty-four theme songs together with nothing more than a guitar and a piano (and a few bonus instruments) in under seven minutes. His saccharine-sweet renditions are adorably accurate, mashing up oldies-but-goodies like Charles in Charge and Fresh Prince with modern superhits like How I Met Your Mother and Friends. His blinding talent and hypnotic smile bring the six minutes and forty-four seconds to the level of acoustic excellence.

This time FreddgeGredde is sticking scores of cartoon theme tunes into another guitar-driven video that got even my stricken, ill roommate peering over the sofa to sing along. It’s another very enthusiactic, extremely good-natured and wildly fun—a particular nod to the mind-bending way he’s harmonising with himself on-screen wearing amusing disguises. It’s another fun take on the theme by a sickeningly talented young man with a penchant for TV shows vastly before his time-including a few very catchy Swedish numbers.

Carrisa Rae and Micheal Alvarado

These two singer-songwriters, Carrisa Rae and Micheal Alvarado, decided to mix up their talents and form the duo Us, who have released their first album and also whacked out a few modestly successful Youtube collabs in the process, such as this very one. In this video, they show off some real vocal acrobatics with their mash-up of older sitcom themes, with some neat beatboxing thrown in for good measure. It’s sweet, fun, and they look like they’re having a ball-even if it does verge on the tooth-achingly adorable by the end.


Roomie is made up of super-sweet Swede Joel Berghult, here joined by a bunch of other musicians in order to appropriately mash together Ducktales, Friends, and Pokemon. What stands about particularly about this video is, for one, the effort gone into making an actual video as opposed to having the performers plonked in front of the camera like musical bricks, but also that they’ve added something gratifyingly new to each song-in particular, their toe-tapping cover of I’ll Be There For You is a real cracker-as opposed to just cramming the songs into a few minutes and going “HEY LOOK AT WHAT I DID!”. That, and he’s got almost inappropriately good hair.

Terry He

Terry He, a nineteen-year-old Youtube electro-music prodigy, is joined here by a bunch of other artists to get stuck into some (notably anime heavy) themes of the nineties. From seminal anime classic like Pokemon and Sailor Moon to Arthur and the giant genre-defining classic Bill Nye the Science Guy. It’s another one that’s a lot of fun, with the video being thrown together by what they had kicking around at the time and none the worse for it. It doesn’t have the flow of some of the others, but it does have the applicable sense of silliness for the occasion.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of Youtube TV mashups- from 60s specials to CBS spectaculars on offer, there’s everything you could want. So, what do you think of these genre-bending TV show mashups? Should the artists have left well alone? Or do the songs complement each other placed in one mashup? Well, even if you’ve not found your nostalgic nirvana here, let us know in the comments what your dream mashup is…

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6 Unbelievable Beatles Covers by Kids


It is really incredible how talented some kids are. One of the tried and true methods of showing off your musical skills is doing cover tune videos on YouTube. Lots of people love the Beatles and there is no better way to get discovered than performing one of their timeless songs!

Emily and Fiona

This is Emily and Fiona and they are sisters. They have been posting their videos since 2009 and now they have had over 17,000,000 views and 30,000 subscribers. The kids have over 60 videos on their channel. In this version of “Help” they are right on pitch, have a great vocal tone, and their harmonies are excellent.

Children Medieval Band

In only a couple of years the Children Medieval Band have almost 6 million videos views combined. They started out for fun and then their Dad urged them to get together and practice regularly. They got excited about YouTube after posting some medieval classical music and getting subscribers. After that initial popularity the kids decided to try out some rock songs. One of their favorite groups is the Beatles. The children really keep the beat well and can rock out “There’s a Place” which is a complex song.

Beatles Guitar Kid

Stunning guitar tapping instrumental version of “Come Together”. Who is this kid and why does this video not have more views? This really is unbelievable. No description, no name, nothing. Well wherever and whoever he is, this little guy has a future in playing the guitar. Hopefully we will see more videos from him.

Josie Nelson

Josie is 13 and also writes her own songs. Her version of “Blackbird” has a poignant vocal and very tasteful guitar playing. She has been posting her videos since 2009 and has a CD with great reviews on iTunes. Josie performs live allot and has even been interviewed on her local TV station.

Castillo Kids

The Castillo Kids videos have actually been shown on Oprah, Rachel Ray and the CBS The Early Show. They are multi-talented and multi-lingual. They play everything from Guitar to Saxophone and can sing in Arabic, Japanese and even Hindi (and much more). They are a professional act that you can hire if you go to the Gig Salad entertainment booking site. In concert they actually get all dressed up like a mariachi band. The enthusiastic backing harmonies are great in this version of “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”.

Barbershopette Quartet

The Barbershopette Quartet got together as high school freshman in order to do some Christmas caroling. When they realized they had something they started doing videos and performing locally. They even do their own vocal arrangements. This version of “Because” is really beautiful. The harmonies are crisp and give you a haunting feeling.

YouTube is still the place to share your talents at any age. It’s clear that allot of these kids have gained a world-wide audience from their videos. When views turns into CD sales and getting hired for gigs that becomes inspiration for millions of more hopefuls. So what do you think and which video is your favorite?

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Best and Worst Robot Music Videos & Story Behind My Next Song


I’m writing my next song based on the short film “Tears of Steal” (watch 12 minute film below). Its about a woman with bionic implants that gets her heart hurt when she is rejected by her boyfriend because of her “handicap”. Her pain turns to anger and revenge. She builds a robot army over a 40 year period and takes out her suffering on the earth. Then there is a moment of impromptu love and kindness that brings some resolution, but I wont spoil it : )

So while doing research for this song I came upon the “best and worst” videos about robots. I hope you enjoy the fun of discovering these as much as I did!

Robots are very popular in science fiction books and films and inevitably make their way into music videos. Despite the fact that movies like The Terminator and The Matrix foretell a time when machines overrun humans, people love them. Robots are fun and interesting creations that can be as fascinating as they are scary. Given the sheer robotic entertainment value, even the worst videos mentioned here are still amusing. The best have high production quality and real innovative artistry.

The Best

All Is Full of Love” by Björk

This is an award winning and Grammy nominated music video. The special effects are stunning. For a robot video it is very risque! The lyrics are beautiful and meaningful too. Leave it to Björk to push the boundaries on many fronts in one work of art. Even though they look like the androids from the film I, Robot there is supposedly no connection.

Amethyst Caverns Soundtrack

This one is for a tune on the soundtrack of a video game called Shatter. The high quality filming, cute robots and clever special effects make this one of the best robot music videos on YouTube. Oh and let’s not forget the cool factor of the massive boom box. The story here is that the little robots are searching the city for their power source, which is sound. This track by Jeramiah “Module” Ross is available on iTunes.

The Worst

Daft Punk Fan Video for  “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

The robotic vocal on this song must have been the inspiration for this fan-made video. Despite the amateurish filming and costume, plenty of people like this. Sure, it’s bad but the home-made robot is endearing. Plus this is an awesome tune. Watch until the end when the robot starts to boogie.

Flight of the Conchords: Robot Song

This video shows that Robots are so cool—even one of the worst videos like this are still entertaining. The guys from HBO’s Flight of the Conchords are in terrible costumes singing lyrics with a Terminator man vs. machine theme. Let’s not be too hard on them as this is really meant to be a comedy skit.

There aren’t all that many music videos with robots on YouTube worth mentioning. Sure, many have a robot in them somewhere, but the aim was to find videos that feature them. Were there any missed here? Are these four videos all that good or bad?

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50 Cent Covers by Girls on Guitar


As one of the most controversial and galvanizing rap artists of the new century, Curtis Jackson is a man of stark contrasts. He is a millionaire with a lavish lifestyle who constantly brags about his personal fortune after renaming himself 50 Cent, and he is a self-styled but serious business man and entrepreneur who started out as a drug dealer at the tender age of 12. He is a huge proponent of fashion culture and has paved the way of that hardcore “gantsa” look and attitude with his cold stares and ice cold jewelry. You’ll catch him wearing his infamous durag along with these best gold chains for men you’ve ever seen in hip hop jewelry. And although he may have chosen his unusual moniker as a metaphor for “change” in his troubled life, he has given small denomination currency a new value with his flamboyant music and his inflammatory prose.

But in spite of his questionable language, mainstream success hasn’t eluded him, and his bleeped-out videos are featured in every music channel all over the world, leaving many people wondering what happens when the sound dies off and Mr. Jackson’s mouth is still moving. And although it is uncommon for hip-hop songs to be covered by artists from other genres (usually it’s hip-hop the style that borrows heavily from other sources), 50 Cent has had its share of famous renditions of his work performed in the most unusual settings.

There’s the viral video of a singer with relatively poor dental hygiene smiling widely during his extravagant banjo-driven version of ‘In Da Club’. There’s Jackson’s British alter-ego 50 Pence turning his tunes into drinking songs with titles like ‘In Da Pub’ and ‘P.I.N.T.’, and there’s even steel-drum reggae-infected versions of “Fiddy’s” catalog. And there’s obviously the WTF heavyweight titlist in the 50 Cent Covers Championship: the bizarre and hilarious rendition of ‘Candy Shop’ by the nameless wedding band and its theatrical singer scandalizing guests and hosts alike in the final scene of ‘The Hangover’.

But there is always a way to take the hip-hop cover challenge up another notch. And this time, the proverbial hat has been picked up by a group of teenagers with decent guitar skills, who found themselves simply unable to resist the temptation of youtube-ing their folksy renditions of some of 50 Cent’s most iconic songs.

Isabelle Alexandra – “Baltimore Love Song”

First up is Isabelle Alexandra with crude but charming skills on her Spanish guitar and the ability to make the slur-laced rants of “Baltimore Love Song” sound innocent. Her YouTube channel also includes renditions of works by artists such as Notorious B.I.G., Ashanti, Cam’ron and other rappers. She has a beautiful voice and laid-back style.

Liv Miraldi – “In Da Club”

Another sample of girl-next-door-gone-gangsta comes to us from Liv Miraldi. Her strumming is controlled and well-timed, and so is her falsetto. The brevity of the rendition (just a few lines and the infamous chorus) and her refusal to commit with the entirety of the composition are a bit of a disappointment, but the overall result is still quite pleasant. The tons of great material available in her YouTube channel and her ongoing songwriting studies at Belmont University reveal a great potential here.

Jenny Ondreyka – “Wanksta”

Next up is Jenny Ondreyka, who puts herself in a pickle by picking the toughest song to cover in this whole pack as she takes on “Wanksta”. A pleasantly surprising elaborate guitar intro and an awesome instrumental arrangement (using her instrument for harmonic, melodic and rhythmic accompaniment) set the bar high. A quick look at her YouTube channel reveals a handful of true gems. She performs with her Ann Arbour, MI based band, Headless Cabbage, an all-girl outfit with a penchant for unusual guitar tunings and very imaginative arrangements. When singing with her band, Jenny’s voice soars in beauty and power, revealing a truly gifted singer waiting for a better chance.

DJ Chennette – “21 Questions”

But the true gem of the pack, however, comes to us from DJ Chennette. The number of “likes” in her post is a good omen, and only a few seconds after clicking on the Play button you will see why. Her harmonic choices are plain enough to keep the attention centered on the lyrics and the vocals. The bluesy, Joni Mitchell-esque quality of her voice and her solid guitar work make her the only lady of this group that manages to make her performance sound like a self-penned tune.

As disturbing as it may be if it ever becomes a trend, these folksy renditions of 50 Cent are apparently here to stay. The profusion of Fiddy covers in every setting and every style imaginable (yes, there’s even a polka version of one of his songs, in case you asked) threaten to flood the YouTube-sphere with the most bizarre sights and sounds this side of Liberace. The final verdict is up to you. Which foul-mouthed, Heidi-looking, guitar-strumming girl will capture your imagination the most?

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Top 10 Video Production Companies in Los Angeles

I took some time to outline production companies in LA doing commercial work. The top ten picks are based on reel quality, a listing of comprehensive services, stated experience, notable clients and an overall positive impression of their website. If you are looking for a video production company in Los Angeles this is a solid list you can start with.

Seven Pictures
Seven Pictures has been in business for over 20 years. Their main focus is bringing a cinematic hollywood style to commercial video. They deliver extremely high quality videos for the Internet and TV. seven-pictures
Provides promotional, training, live event and commercial video production for corporations. They also have a focus on creating videos specifically for the Internet. notowitz
MRB Productions
MRB places great deal of importance on storytelling in their commercial productions. This is probably due to their impressive feature film experience. mrb
Westside Media Group
Specializes in post production and duplication. Serves all levels of clients from students to major corporate networks. Mainly uses AVID and Final Cut Pro. westside
Cresta Group
Concentrates on video production as a component of marketing strategy. Also provides services like website design and advertising. Their overall marketing communications approach is unique. cresta
Highline Studios
Results-oriented productions created as part of an overall branding, identity and social media strategy. In LA and New York. highline
Advanced Web TV
Produces HD web videos with an eye on increasing sales on your website. Also creates TV commercials for clients world-wide. Comprehensive services from scripting to editing and publishing. advancedweb
The Cavalry Productions
Creates all types of digital content, including videos. Focus is on telling a story using new media and PR. cavalry
Corp Shorts
Nationwide with a crew in LA. Complete solution for online video marketing. Focuses on YouTube and other video sharing platforms. corpshorts
Advanced Media
Helps clients get more traffic to their website by producing videos and using social media. Also a specialist in media restoration and preservation. advanced

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How to Cut Videos in Movie Maker

Movie maker lets you create your own movies without much effort on your part. Now you can make your own movies without the use of complicated software and the headaches that come with it.

Making Videos

Once you import the movie into the program it will segment it for you into clips which make them easy for you to edit into your finished movie. Use the play button to preview each clip you want to work on. Drag them onto your storyboard and then start to work on them in the order you prefer. This is easy to do with a simple drag and drop of the clips into the new location. Click play and you can view how they all look.

How to Cut Videos in Movie Maker

If you need to trim a clip just click the Show Timeline button and scroll to the area of the clip that you need to edit. Right click on the clip and Use the clip menu and select set start trim point. Go to your clip and scroll to where you want to stop and then click set end trim point. Do this for any parts you want to edit in your clips. So that is all you need to do to cut videos in Movie Maker!


Go to capture video on the left and import your music or audio file. Click your audio and move it to your timeline. Drag the audio to make it match the length of your video if it’s longer.


Some advanced features of editing include transitions from one clip to another. You’ll find many transitions available in the program. Click on the task pane and view video transitions to see the ones available to you.

Titles and Credits

Add titles and credits like professional movies. Click “make titles or credits” in the task pane to do this. Just fill out the boxes provided for you with the information you have for the movies. You can also change the animation of your titles for some cool effects too.


In the task pane you have thе option to add effects to the movie as well. Some include blur, aging, film grain, greyscale, and so on. These are easy to add to your clips in your movie.

Saving and Sending Movies

Use the task pain and click “save to my computer” to save your movie to your PC. It will be saved to your My Videos folder. It will also select the compression of the movie for you. You can view the finished movie in Windows Media Player to see how it looks. It’s easy to send the movie as an email to your friends if you want. You may also send your videos to the web from the task pane. It’s also possible to save the movies to a CD so you can show your friends and family. Once you are done you might want to upload your video to YouTube as well.

Movie maker is an easy way to start making movies ion your computer. The program gives you all the tools that you need!

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How to Make Your Own YouTube Video

There are 4 ways to make your own YouTube video which include doing it yourself, hiring professionals, hiring film students, and outsourcing the process overseas. There are a number of reasons individuals don’t opt for web video production and those are:

• It seems too difficult
• It’s probably expensive
• It’s too time intensive

These methods are solutions to all of these obstacles:

Do-it-yourself Web Video Production

First off, a person can get started with this form of production by simply having an HD camera that can record videos in an MP4 or MOV format. In addition, they’ll need to have video imaging software that will allow them to manipulate their videos and perform edits. If you have a PC, you may be interested in choosing Movie Studio HD by Sony Vega. If you own a Mac OS, you may think about utilizing software called Screen Flow. Each of these pieces of software will help you with do-it-yourself videos in terms of editing, capturing video, and providing that professional look.

Professional Web Video Production

If you simply don’t have the time to learn how to make your own YouTube video and you have a larger budget to work with, you can always hire out a professional that specializes in web video production. The truth is – many small business owners and companies understand the power of this form of video marketing. Because of this, they will hire out this type of work to local professionals within their area. If this is something that interests you, you can look in your local yellow pages to find a professional Web video production service that can handle all of your needs.

Hiring Film Students

If you’re still concerned with your budget and you would like to keep your costs to a minimum, you may think about hiring film students. Although these individuals are not professionals, a lot of times you can get some excellent work completed by them. If this is something that interests you, you can go to film schools or advertise in your local Craigslist for students interested in making web videos. Quite frankly, if you choose this option, you can end up with some good quality videos at some very affordable rates.

Outsourcing Overseas

Lastly, if you are truly looking for another inexpensive option, you can always outsource this work to different countries such as India, Ukraine, or Thailand. It’s important to understand that you are not limited to these particular areas but there are some things you’ll need to consider. Video files tend to be extremely large. Because of this, it can be quite difficult uploading 6 or 7 GB files to the Internet. Some videos can be much larger. But you can send the videos in the mail on DVD or upload them to a server.

There are a number of different locations online that offer this work in the form of video production crowdsourcing. These sites will allow you to present ideas for your video and work with others to get the job completed.

Although there is a lot more to learning how to make your own YouTube video than meets the eye, these are some affordable and time-saving solutions that will help you get started.

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Lorraine Grula’s Video Production Tips Site

Hi, I was recently introduced to the site videoproductiontips.com which is a massive library of tips for helping people create videos.

The site includes information on editing, audio, lighting, video conversion and storytelling. Plus you can find reviews of the latest camcorders and other equipment. There is even a section about marketing your business with video.

I found out about the site because the Webmaster Lorraine Grula created a really professional “how to” video about DanoSongs for her visitors (see here). I signed up for her tips and found them very useful so far, since I am producing a new video myself : )

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