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Top 3 Must See Epic Beatboxing Battles


Over the last few decades, beatboxers have refined their skills by going head-to-head in elaborate multistage competitions, or “battles,” during which each performer demonstrates his or her vocal ingenuity and vies for the audience’s favor. And though beatboxing is musical in nature, once you step into the burgeoning world of international battles, it becomes apparent that mental and physical athleticism is the key to victory. Replace the powerful jabs and uppercuts of sport boxing with imaginative rhythms and beats and you have the idea.

Beatboxing has grown so popular that an official international league was recently founded that hosts battles around the world to determine who is the best of the best. Battles are fierce and aggressive and always mesmerizing. Sound is the weapon of choice and participants give their all to prove their beatboxing supremacy. Check out below some of the most intense, entertaining, and incredible battles from the last several years.

2012 Beatbox Battle World Championship 2012 Final – Skiller VS Alem

One of the most entertaining and impressive aspects of this quintessential battle is how each performer reacts and adapts to the other’s rhythms, humorous jabs, and physical presence. Skiller, Bulgaria’s 2007 National Champion and the 2012 World Champion, launches one high-speed salvo after another of increasingly complex drum and bass rhythms, often stepping into his opponent’s space to drive each beat home like a jackhammer. Alem, an up-and-comer and France’s 2013 National Champion, responds in kind with a sarcastic counterattack that apes Skiller’s arguably overwrought performance while segueing into a frenzied, more aggressive rhythm.

The two trade attacks like this for the remainder of the battle and their time on stage is punctuated by some truly amusing moments that get the crowd cheering. But in the end, Skiller’s precise control and obvious authority overwhelm Alem and though the young Frenchman puts up a valiant fight, this battle belongs to the Bulgarian.

2012 Female Beatbox Battle World Championship – Pe4enkata VS Flashbox

Beatbox battles are more than just sound. Beyond creating interesting music, the primary obstacle beatboxers face is the mental challenge of simultaneously undermining an opponent’s performance while maintaining the superiority of one’s own. In this battle, each performer demonstrates an aggressive physical presence, with every movement seemingly made to throw the opponent off her game.

Pe4enkata, another Bulgarian National Champion, lays down the gauntlet, cutting new beats into a fast rhythm to change things up again and again, all the while moving closer and closer to her opponent. Flashbox, another French National Champion, responds with a more traditional dance beat that captures the attention of the audience. But though the crowd is cheering, Pe4enkata moves across the stage and halts Flashbox’s momentum by mockingly dancing and making it clear how little she thinks of the Frenchwoman’s performance. Flashbox seems shaken by the physicality and attempts to repay her Bulgarian opponent in kind with a glower, but to no avail. Pe4enkata, having employed it herself, is familiar with the tactic, has the upper hand and walks away with the title.

2011 Ground Scratch Party – Big Road VS Two.H

More than anything else, every beatbox battle is at its heart about the musical versatility of the performer. Being able to adapt to your opponents or prey upon their weaknesses is meaningless without solid beatbox skills. The sonic ingenuity apparent in this battle between the South Korean masters Big Road and Two.H is at times breathtaking and always fun.

Where their European counterparts aggressively layer complex rhythms to demonstrate technical prowess, these two go about their battle in an entirely different and creative manner. Two.H’s performance is based almost entirely on traditional hip hop and dance rhythms, but he modifies them throughout the battle in subtle, satisfying ways to create a wholly listenable song. Big Road responds by taking a similar route and focusing on musicality, but employs a varied slate of comical sound effects to add a thread of much-appreciated levity to his performance. Regardless of the official victor, the real winner of this battle is the head-nodding, smiling audience.

From just this handful of examples, it’s easy to see how beatboxing has risen to such high levels of international acclaim. The musical sport is an energetic competition in which the participants are always adapting to create in each moment a truly unique, almost primal sonic experiences that can’t be found outside their performances. To learn more, check out Beatbox Battle TV (www.youtube.com/user/c4mc4st) for a complete archive of impressive talent. The 2013 American Championships (www.americanbeatboxchampionships.com) are currently underway.

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