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What is Getting an Online Music Education Masters Degree Like?

Wondering what getting an online music education masters degree is like? I found this video from a graduate very interesting…

Laurel Reckert from Lincoln, MA earned her Master’s Degree of Music Education in May of 2007. Reckert raves about the flexibility that the online degree allowed her to have in her daily life, claiming that it was “unsurpassable.” Plenty of her classmates that she attended the online classes with had children at home, ranging in a variety of ages from babies to high-school aged children.

The flexibility that the online degree program allowed them to have gave them time to earn their degree and still give their children the attention they deserved. The Music Degree program that Reckert attended took a look at the skills that a Music Educator would need and geared their classes towards building these skills in the students. This helped Reckert tremendously in her professional field, as the class equipped her with the skills that she would need in her line of work.

Reckert also claims that the Boston University Online Classes will challenge your entire being, from a social standpoint and an academic standpoint, and the classes overall are incredibly worthwhile. Students come out of the classes a better, more skillful person. Unlike many people think, online classes do allow students to meet quite a few fantastic people along the way, and many of these people end up being great connections for work later on in life. Reckert states that one of the greatest benefits that the online classes allowed her to have was the ability to talk to other music teachers along the way.

Reckert highly recommends Boston Online University to anyone who is looking to earn a degree online, especially those individuals who have to balance home, work and school, since online degrees offer students the flexibility that they need. Reckert ends the interview by saying that she was inspired by the program overall.

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