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Hi, I'm Dan-O. I am a singer songwriter and I also like making instrumental music which you can use royalty free. Click here for info on licensing my music and songs for your video, photo slideshow, film, app or other media. For questions about my music see the FAQ.

Which Classical Music is Royalty Free?

Which Classical Music is Royalty Free

People often want to know which classical music is royalty free because the composer has long since deceased and the copyright term has passed.

However, just because a classical composition is in the public domain does not mean the recording is royalty free. That is because the actual sound recording is protected by copyright.

So you need to do the same research and take the same licensing steps you would for any other style of music.

Its even more important to properly license classical music and have proof of your rights. That is because YouTube often mis-identifies royalty free classical recordings as other recordings of the same piece by publishers looking to make ad revenue.

One safe bet when deciding which royalty free classical music to use isĀ Musopen.org. This is a non-profit site which publishes classical music with no copyright restrictions. Here is a video of one of their recordings.

Photo: flickr.com/photos/franganillo

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